Whole-Body Vibration Training Helps Ballet Dancers More Than They May Know

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It must be difficult to be a ballerina. They look so beautiful and graceful up there on stage that, you just know, they put in a lot of effort. The effort in not only perfecting their elegant dance routines but also in maintaining their fitness. Becoming a ballet dancer is perhaps one of the most difficult things to do. There are strict requirements in order to be one, from physical attributes to mental strength. And yet, little girls and boys still dream of becoming one. They still make it their goals to glide, pirouette, and tip-toe their way into the crazy world of ballet.

Even though being a ballerina is strenuous, at least there’s an exercise that can help: whole-body vibration training. Compared to other work-outs, this holds a lot of benefits for such dancers. How? Well, these points will shed light on the benefits ballerinas can receive when using a whole-body vibration machine.

Helps Shed Off Extra Weight

            One of the strictest standards ballerinas have to conform to is the required weight. Sure, anybody of any size can still dance ballet, but in the competitive and cut-throat world of professional ballet, the standards are still very much set. Fortunately, it’s changing bit by bit, but for those who are in the business now, you can maintain your wafty figure by exercising on a whole-body vibration machine. The vibrations essentially carry off your extra weight as you let the work their magic on you. And since you can and will likely pair it with other more strenuous moves, this helps induce such benefits even faster and definitely more effective.

Helps Them Get Into Rhythm

            No matter what sort of dancer you are, you will need to get used to getting into the rhythm. In ballet, in particular, you have to move congruently to the classic melodies and orchestral pieces. These aren’t your modern music that you’re probably more used to listening to. Most of what makes up the ballet world are still the centuries-old creations that helped define the art form. And if you can’t get into the rhythm of these timeless works of art, consider your ballet career over. Fortunately, you can learn this ability more with whole-body vibration training. By getting into the rhythm of your vibrating plate, you’ll have an easier time getting into the rhythm of musical pieces.

Helps Them Balance Better

            No ballerina doesn’t know how to balance. In fact, ballerinas should be expert in balancing themselves. Most of the routines in this form of dance requires balance. You’re mostly dancing in your tip-toes and if you can’t maintain your balance on them, you won’t go far in this business. But how does one learn to balance better? Practicing, of course, helps a lot, but so does working out with a whole-body vibration training. Try balancing yourself onto a moving machine. It’s not that easy, isn’t it? When you do get the hang of it, balancing on a solid and still stage will be easy peasy. It’ll feel like you’re dancing on a cloud!

Helps Them Move Gracefully

            How does one move gracefully? If you think it’s all a matter of doing the classic dance routines, you’re sadly mistaken. It’s one thing to learn the routine, it’s another to execute it to perfection. It’s still very much possible that you do these ballet movies and you still look awkward, out-of-place, and downright embarrassing. In order to move gracefully, you just need to be more flexible. Allow your body to be malleable enough to move one with the music. And this is where whole-body vibration training comes in. Working out with a vibrating plate actually improves your body’s flexibility because it soothes your entire body. And once every joint is relaxed, the easier, smoother, and longer you can move them.

Helps Strengthen Their Core

            Similarly, a relaxed body is also a stronger body. When you dance or do just about any other mobile activity, your muscles can often get caught up with too much tension. Since you’re working them—and what is often the case of ballet dancers, overworking them—you’re actually letting them grow weaker and weaker. In order to strengthen them again, you need to soothe them back to health, and there’s no better work-out for it than whole-body vibration training. The vibrations help calm your muscles down, letting go of all the tensions and almost putting them back together as if they’re broken puzzles. When you have a stronger body, you’ll have a stronger core that’s ultimately required in ballet.

Helps Them to Focus Better

            Still, within the context of relaxing your body, another benefit for ballet dancers is a calmer mind. Let’s face it, ballet is hard. Whilst beautiful, it’s one of the most, if not the most complicated art form there is. Name another dance that required you to combine strength and finesse at the same time. There’s practically no other type of dance equals the complexity and discipline of ballet. And for many of its dancers, it can get stressful. In turn, they lose the ability to focus better. Not, however, if they’re relaxed. As already mentioned, working out with a whole-body vibration machine is entirely relaxing. Doing so will clear a ballet dancer’s mind, allowing him/her to focus better on the routine at hand.

Helps Them Relax Better

            Finally, it can’t be stressed enough how important a benefit relaxation is from whole-body vibration training. It also can’t be stressed enough how important it is for ballet dancers to relax. If they’re too tense, stressed, and can’t focus, they’re likely to fail at their recitals and performances. They won’t be able to execute the most classic of routines or even new ones that help modernize the art form. And as one of the highest types in the world of dancing, executing and dancing well is the benchmark of ballet. So ballet dancers really just need to relax, at the end of the day, in order to do well for the next day!

            Ballet dancers need not be afraid of whole-body vibration training. In fact, they should be encouraged to do it. They might be surprised at how truly beneficial the exercise is for their art form and their careers!