5 Natural Products To Add To Your Daily Supplements

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Do you think your daily routine could use a boost with vitamins and supplements but you’re not sure where to start? These days, the market seems to be saturated with dozens of suggested supplements so you might be wondering, “What exactly is helpful and which supplements should I use?” Your diet, existing health conditions, and routine will impact what supplements you should take.

You might consider consulting an expert, like Dr. Danielle, who is a doctor of naturopathic medicine and expert in natural supplements, to help decide what natural products you will benefit from. Dr. Danielle is not only committed to recommending impactful products but is committed to understanding the ingredients and processes by which they were manufactured. Health doesn’t just stop at the supplement but all the potential additives. Make sure you know what you are putting into your body. To start, here are a few recommendations of powerful natural products to add to your health routine.

1. CBD Products

CBD products are increasingly making a name for themselves in the health world. An extract from the cannabis plant, there are many benefits of CBD. Unlike marijuana, which comes from the same plant, pure CBD doesn’t contain THC, meaning you won’t experience a psychoactive effect from it.

Products such as CBD edibles and oil are beneficial for alleviating discomfort and occasional anxiousness. CBD helps encourage relaxation, a benefit linked to its ability to connect the brain’s receptors to serotonin. CBD oil and edibles also help alleviate achy joints and are becoming a popular source of relief for people suffering from chronic pain. Studies have associated this with CBD’s interaction with endocannabinoid receptor activity, which reduces inflammation. CBD edibles are available in the form of gummies and capsules, or you can use CBD oil mixed into tinctures. Rather than relying on depressants or pain killers, substitute a CBD gummy into your daily routine.

2. Medicinal Mushrooms

A relatively new health boost on the market, medicinal mushrooms might initially sound intimidating. However, certain fungi have been used in eastern medicine for centuries and are slowly making their way into modern wellness regimens. Different mushrooms have unique healing properties. Reishi is a well-rounded mushroom that offers incredible immune system boosts that also has the ability to lift your mood and ease symptoms of depression.

If you’re looking for a brain boost, then lion’s mane might be the fungus for you. In addition to being rich in antioxidants, lion’s mane increases the production of nerve growth factor (NGF) and can greatly improve cognitive function, making it a great supplement on a day you need to focus and be productive. Available in capsule form as well as powders, consider adding a scoop of dried, ground medicinal mushrooms to your smoothie or cup of coffee in the morning to jumpstart your day.

3. Probiotics

Your gut is responsible for the majority of the function of your immune system, so maintaining the health of your GI tract is extremely important. Eating a diverse fiber-rich diet full of colorful as well as fermented foods will largely achieve this. However, adding a probioticto your diet is a great way to boost your gut health as well, particularly if you don’t easily have access to fermented foods. Probiotics are also useful in reducing bloating and general digestive issues. Before purchasing, research different types of probiotics to ensure that the one you choose will produce the response you want.

4. Vitamin D

Our bodies need Vitamin D to absorb calcium from the intestines, making it a very important factor to maintain healthy bones. Vitamin D can also reduce the risk of neuromuscular problems as well as cancer. Typically we absorb Vitamin D from the sun, although this can be problematic in winter months. Individuals who spend most of their day inside or simply those who use sunscreen to protect skin from burns and wrinkles also may struggle to maintain sufficient Vitamin D. Consequently, 70% of Americans lack sufficient levels of the “sun vitamin.” Difficult to find in food, taking a Vitamin D supplement makes sense for many adults and is best absorbed by taking alongside a fatty food.

5. Turmeric and Curcumin

Turmeric is one of the most effective, well-rounded nutritional supplements in existence. This yellow spice, which is perhaps best known for giving curry its vibrant color, has been used in India for thousands of years as a medicinal herb. Curcumin is the main active ingredient in turmeric and has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. In addition to being an antioxidant, curcumin has anti-aging properties, is linked to improving brain function and lowering the chance of brain disease, improves the function of the lining of your blood vessels, which reduces the risk of heart disease, and prevents and even treats cancer. There are relatively low levels of curcumin in turmeric so in order to experience the full benefits, you need to take a supplement that contains significant levels of curcumin. You can find these capsules at health stores. Or, you can make a turmeric tea with black pepper, which boosts absorption. This warm, soothing drink is a perfect way to start or end your day.

5 Natural Products To Add To Your Daily Supplements