7 Gentleman Tips You Didn’t know by Gwei Noel Yengong

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Gwei Noel Yengong who is also known as manlike clix has given the best gentleman tips. He was born in Cameroon and later left for Europe for studies. Gwei Noel Yengong, who is also known as Manlikeclix, is a designer and image consultant. He is giving a new life to Men’s fashion. You can check out his unique clothes and amazing style sense by following him on his Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/manlikeclix/. Due to his excellent dressing sense, he was given the title of ‘best-dressed man 2020’. Manlikeclix has become a new style icon for all the men out there. Apart from being into fashion and art, he is such a gentleman and always says words of wisdom about how men can make themselves better not only in style but also as an entire human being.

Seven tips for being a good gentleman

Recently Gwei Noel Yengong mentioned some tips regarding how to be a good gentleman. We have shared them with you so that you can also get benefited from them.

1. A listener, not a talker

A gentleman needs to be a good listener because only then he will be able to understand what the other person truly means. Only a person who pays focus on listening to other people knows how to respond well. So make a habit of listening more than you talk.

2. Empathy

It is another strong character of a true gentleman. Empathy means to be in another person’s shoe, i.e. to know what another person might be feeling and be considerate about them.

3. Makes Breakfast For His Woman

A true gentleman is not scared of showing affection for his woman, and one way of doing so is to make breakfast for her. This indicates that a gentleman cares about his partner’s feeling and understands that being in the kitchen is not only a woman’s job.

4. Apologises when he is wrong

Being a gentleman means keeping your ego aside. So according to Gwei Noel Yengong, a true gentleman will always apologise after realising his mistakes and sometimes even when he knows he’s right, he says sorry just to make his relationship with others better.

5. His seating style

A gentleman is not afraid of opening up his home for others; may it be his friends or relatives. That is why he keeps his house clean and his seating style comfortable.

6. Takes Care of His Hygiene

To be a gentleman, a person should always take care of his hygiene. He needs to pay extra attention to his well-being and take a shower regularly. He should floss, comb his hair neatly and wear clean clothes. These are the things that most men let go, but they are essential for making you a true gentleman.

7. Always Offers to Pay

A lot of times it is said that bills should be divided amongst everyone, but a gentleman always offers to pay no matter how many people there are. It is a character which makes him different from everyone else.