Decorating Your Hot Tub Gazebo for the Holidays

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When it’s the holiday season, you’d just want everything to look like it. And most of the time, it does. Malls are covered in lights, angels decorate the corners, and fake snow and snowmen light up the streets. Seeing all this joy and merriment just lifts up the spirits and makes you feel some sort of way. It will make you feel light, airy, and generous to give as much happiness as you can. And of course, you’d like your home to look like this too. When it’s this time of the year, your home has to be as festive.

This includes your hot tub gazebo. Just because it’s your backyard structure doesn’t mean it can’t share with the holiday merriment. Since you still hang out in your hot tub enclosure, it has to look festive as well. And there are actually many easy ways to decorate it for the holidays. Here’s how.

More Flowers, More Fun

            Flowers will easily get your hot tub gazebo in a more festive mood. It’s all about livening the space up with color and these botanic beauties will achieve that easily. Of course, perhaps the most popular plant this season is the holly. You can incorporate some on the walls, line your jacuzzi with it, or even just sprinkle some in the water. It will really jazz the place up a bit. Not to mention freshen up the air and give off a scintillating scent. Soon, you’ll want to hang out in your hot tub gazebo even more than in your main house.

Bring On the Fairy Lights

            What’s more Christmassy than fairy lights? Not a lot! The magic of the holidays is all about the joy of the little things, including these sparkly lighting fixtures. Whether you go for the standard, the twinkling, or even the rainbow-colored variation, they’ll instantly let your hot tub gazebo sparkle with the holiday spirit. Just make sure you place them away from the water and that’s easier than you might think. Firstly, you can sprinkle them throughout the exterior for ther warm night Christmas glow. While inside, you can outline the structure with them for a magically-lit interior. The possibilities are endless!

Light It with Candles

            But if you want a more traditional feel, candles are the way to go. Lighting them inside your hot tub gazebo will instantly remind you of Christmas. Remember the Advent Wreath? Your backyard structure will look just like that only brighter. There’s something so peaceful about lighted candles. It’s like you’re harkening back to simpler times. You’re celebrating traditions, and if there’s one thing the holidays are also about, it’s tradition. So keep up your tradition of decorating your whole home during the holidays by lighting a few candles in your hot tub gazebo. You’ll literally feel all warm inside.

Time for Trinkets

            Christmas balls, nutcrackers, little ballerina figurines—what do these all have in common? They all show off the holiday spirit. Doesn’t Christmas always make you nostalgic? The magic of it when you were younger? Seeing all the fascinating little trinkets floating and twinkling about the house? These small but bright items can induce the same spirit in your hot tub gazebo. And the best part? You can place them anywhere you want. Hang then above your hot tub? Why not? Place them on the walls? Perfect! With these little trinkets, you can let your creativity go wild in decorating the enclosure.

Take in Some Tinsel

            Of course, it won’t be the holidays without a little tinsel. They may often seem annoying as the always look so messy and whatnot, but it’s always a party when you see them. You don’t even need a Christmas tree to have them too. Just sprinkle them about in your hot tub enclosure and let them twinkle and shine.  But if you prefer to be more organized with your tinsel, you can always line the corners and the outline of the structure with them. All you’ll need are some tape and the tinsel and you’re good to go!

Go For Red, Green, and Gold

            When choosing the colors for Christmastime, only go for red, green, and gold. They’re the only hues that really bring out the spirit in everybody. But how can you incorporate these colors into your structure? For one thing, you can choose these colors for the cushions in your space. And if you have windows, you can opt for red, green, or gold curtains. A good wreath can also have these colors. Also, you can even choose your hot tub rendered in any of these hues. Ultimately, there’s practically no end to what you can do with these three colors in your hot tub gazebo.

Don’t Forget The Music

            How can your hot tub gazebo feel so festive when it’s just silent? Yes, your hot tub is your own haven for relaxation. It’s supposed to be quiet inside. But perhaps you can make an exception during the holidays. Maybe add a music box or a music player in it, just for the season! The former will induce that holiday nostalgia you love so much. While the latter will liven things up as if you’re already having a party inside. Come on, it’s the holiday season! A little music won’t hurt! It will even get you more into the spirit.

Bring in A Christmas Tree

            In terms of decorating your hot tub enclosures for the holiday season, there’s one thing that’s pretty much required: a Christmas tree! It’s not the holidays without one! And if you think incorporating one in your gazebo will minimize space, think again! You can always go for the mini-trees so that you’ll still have a lot of space inside your backyard structure. Although it may seem a bit much, it’s simply not Christmas when your hot tub gazebo doesn’t have a Christmas tree in it. Whether you like it or not, the tree completes the holiday spirit in a way that even you might be able to explain.

            Decorating your hot tub gazebo for the holidays is much easier than you think. Follow these tips and you would have done it without difficulty whatsoever!