Empty Vessels of Humanity: Human Rights Issues

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The concept of human rights has been brought up to question for many years as a constant flux of movements and activism fight for the injustices still present even in today’s time from the U.S to even worldwide.

In the 2020 World Report for the U.S, many human rights issues ranging from immigration, poverty, the criminal justice systems, to general rights have been brought up. Mass raids have insinuated in taking undocumented immigrants to holding cells and at times separating families despite having policies not to, and conditions of holding cells are described to be so cold one’s lips and hands could turn blue from how cold it can be. The U.S also holds the greatest incarceration rate in which questions as to how individuals are being prisoned in the first place are being raised due to race incarceration statistics, and police brutality through the killing of George Floyd which spurred the black lives movement again. 

Furthermore for those under poverty, changes within the health care system in the United States through Medicare, health insurances, or the Affordable Care Act have placed them in dire circumstance in being unable to receive proper medical help compared to those who are wealthy, and if unable to pay, can result in incarceration too. 

Finally, the mistreatment of people’s consent has occurred as the elderly with dementia are given drugs to treat their behavior without consent to just name a few. Australia has also followed as well. For another example of the violation of consent, see the issue with Shincheonji, a religious organization in South Korea often known as the Korean cult, or the South Korean cult that is led by a Korean Jesus. Shincheonji has come to notoriety internationally after 4,000 of its congregants contracted COVID-19 earlier this year. The Church was forced to give its entire congregant list to the government without consent from the members. 

The lack of consent continues to  branch on an international level as China has detained roughly a million Muslims in camps in order to politically educate them, women in Saudi Arabia continue to be suppressed as male dominance is instilled, and sexual harassment within workplaces continue to be addressed by even the UN

Injustices overall regarding human rights is an ongoing process that needs to be shed light on. The lack of voices being heard albeit the internal suffering many face is an opportunity for those who are able to rise together and stand by them. There are some who think that it is a futile venture, but for many activists and supporters of various realms of human rights and the protection of marginalized communities, human rights is still a worthwhile venture. The human race  still has hope but we must first be those who can be a light to shed on such darkness in the initiative we must take to hold onto what is morally right.