How Does Smooth Q2 Beat Down Vlog Pocket?

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Living in a digital era, we have our lifestyle thoroughly changed by technologies, and the way to record life is one of the shifts. With the explosions of Vlog and live broadcast, cameras as well as cell phones are commonly used for daily life recording. Thus, a handle smartphone gimbal is one of the necessities in modern life.

In the past, FEIYU’s Vlog Pocket has aroused great attention among the public to mark down memorable moments. However, recently, a new product called Smooth Q2 from ZHIYUN has been said to bring threats to Vlog Pocket’s position, gradually winning the crown of cellphone gimbals. What makes it so overwhelming? What’re the differences between these two products? Let’s make some detailed discoveries.

Smooth Q2


The comparison comes down to complete folding and incomplete folding. As known by most people, the folding functions could often make the smartphone video stabilizer easy to carry around. Nonetheless, you might not consider that folding can quickly cause wear and tear to the fuselage and shorten the service life of the product. As for the Vlog Pocket, it is foldable while Q2 is not. As compensation, the designer especially makes Q2 very small that folding is somehow becoming unnecessary. From the detailed parameters, we could find that Vlog Pocket has a size of 108.61*55.56*145.62mm when folded, and 66.76*90.96*242.08mm     when unfolded. On the contrary, Smooth Q2 has a size of 98*47*197mm(W*D*H), which appears to be the smallest handheld smartphone gimbal.

Vlog Pocket


The stabilization of a cellphone gimbal is often affected by the payload capacity, as well as its structure. The payload of Smooth Q2 is 260g, which is better than Vlog Pocket with 240g. With the premium 3-axis motors, Smooth Q2 could remain firm regardless of the road situations where you are using it. Applying geometric and dynamic perfection in the design of every part, it makes use of ZHIYUN’s latest stabilization algorithm to provide unbelievable reliability.


Q2’s grip features a unique design with silica gel. The feeling that you touch with the cell phone stabilizer is much more grippy than any other products. With a lock catch design, all the accessories are attached to the device with high-credibility. Holding the smart video stabilizer, you would never have to worry about the fluctuation of the accessories. As for the balance setting, both the Smooth Q2 and Vlog Pocket could be automatically set to stay balanced. When it comes to installation, Q2 mobile phone gimbal is easy to install, and the security is guaranteed.

Q2’s grip features

Other parameters

Other parameters

Based on those numbers, we might gain a closer look at their lasting hours, prices as well as the distinguishing features.

Here are those differences of appearance, stability, convenience as well as other aspects of these two popular smartphone video stabilizers. You can choose anyone suitable to your need. If we have to make a choice, ZHIYUN’s Smooth Q2 is more worth a try.