Incredible Techniques To Beat An Escape Room Conflict

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Escape Room, an ultimate game of thrill and adventure is widely preferred by youngsters these days. The incredible escape room setup made by many gaming organizations has come across a lot of conflicts while the team is playing. Of course, this is inevitable. When people have different opinions about a puzzle, you might get into a tussle with your team member. How to avoid such conflicts?

Wait and Watch

This is indeed a trait that you can use in your day-to-day life as well. You can be angry with a team member, maybe the issue is trivial. But the rising tension due to time running up may also lead you to feel annoyed if a puzzle is not solved. We recommend you wait, take a step back, and watch what is happening. It is good to view the scenario from a third-person perspective. Give yourself a moment to relax before talking.

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This practice shall help you

  • Understand what others are doing
  • To keep yourself calm and respond to the situation
  • To wait for the result and give your action plan

Give a thought on Others Point of View

Yes, we shall feel that we are right in most instances. This is one of the reasons a conflict shall happen while playing escape room. A prudent thought is, others shall have a better opinion too. Probably we are not listening to them.

Why don’t you take a look at other options and validate which one is good? This shall solve a lot of misunderstandings among the team members too.

Take a break and do something else

Not all the time, the problem is solved. The team member can be so stubborn in their opinions and ways to solve a puzzle. It is highly recommended to approach the game from different angles.

Get to do something else and attempt to solve the puzzle in your way. One of the priceless suggestions to play Escape room is to split and solve different puzzles to save a lot of time.

Motivate Each other

Well, the team member is never an opponent. Encourage the team members and this sets a positive vibe among the team. Also, as a person gets a failure in his/her approach, pat his/her back and get them going. After all, it is a game; winning and losing are always possible, Enjoy the moment.


Escape Room is a clinical game to encourage teamwork among your employees. This must-have conflicts and if it does not happen, you are not forming the team. The techniques involved in avoiding the conflict shall be of great use and it comes with experience and maturity too.