List of Things You Need for a New Baby

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Babies are exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. Preparing for a baby can also seem overwhelming because there are so many things a baby will need. If it is your first baby, then you may not even know what you need. Finding a great company that you love will help you pick all the items you need with ease. Starts and Snuggles is a great place to find a few of the things you are sure to need, and they offer free UK delivery on all orders over £35.

Baby Towels

One necessity for a baby is a towel to use for bathtime. Babies get messy, and with their sensitive skin, you want to make sure the towel you are using is soft but practical. There are many options when it comes to picking a towel, but it is best to get a high-quality towel that you will love and will make your life easier.

Stars and Snuggles sells an apron bath towel that is unique. One corner of the towel attaches around your neck, so the baby towel is hanging around you like an apron. The other two corners have pockets for you to slip your hand in. Once your hands are in the pockets, you can use them to scoop up your baby out of the bath and bring to your chest where the towel is still resting. Once the sides are wrapped around the baby, the bottom corner folds up and has a hood to dry the baby’s hair. You can then remove the towel from your neck, and your baby is wrapped up, warm and dry, and you did not get wet in the process!

Star Fleece Baby Wrap

If your baby comes along in the winter, it can be a struggle to make sure they are both warm and safe. Stars and Snuggles has a Star fleece baby wrap that not only does that, but replaces several items at once, so your life is simplified. It replaces a jacket, shawl, snowsuit, and pram blanket. Coats or jackets for a baby are impractical because they offer little accessibility and are hard to get on and off. Shawls and snowsuits have the same problem. Babies are usually carried in a car seat or pram, so it makes sense to keep them warm in that. It not only keeps your baby warm but is designed to work with the pram to keep them safe. It is designed to fit your growing baby for up to five months, and that paired with the amount you use it makes it an excellent value for the money.

Infinity Cover

The infinity cover is a versatile item that can be used in a lot of different ways. Nursing your baby in public can be uncomfortable, but the infinity cover is so stretchy that it works as a nursing cover that will ease your anxiety. Once you are done nursing, it can fit around your neck like a scarf, which makes it easy to access the next time you need it. The infinity cover also works as a car seat canopy, high chair cover, or supermarket trolley cover. There is also an internal pocket for extra storage.