Meet Ashley Liz Cooper, a model and Influencer

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Ashley Liz Cooper, a model and Influencer is making a name for herself in the entertainment and fashion world. The Instagram model and fashion icon has wowed people from all over the world with her unique brand clothing. Ashley’s popularity has surged over the past few months and her followers have soared to exponential heights.

Ashley Liz Cooper was born in Michigan and went to Grosse Point during her high school years. Upon graduating, she went to Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and completed a degree in social media marketing. Then, she created a name for herself when she joined Instagram and amassed thousands of followers.

How is Ashley’s clothing line different from the others? She has made it a point to draw up unique and creative content in collaboration with her friends in the fashion industry. LIZ XX has been featured in numerous TV shows and news, and Ashley herself has appeared on programs such as Hollywood Love Story on VICELAND.

Ashley attributes her success through Instagram, where she began influencing people. On her social media page, Ashley is just like any other girl, posting funny photos, inspiring images and comments on timely social issues. A quick look at her profile reveals her passions to be vegan and fighting against animal cruelty. In fact, most of her posts are about eating a well-balanced diet or protecting animals from abuse and malpractices.

She possesses valuable marketing skills such as knowing how to make her Instagram profile more appealing to audiences. Ashley uses her personality to attract people to buy the products she endorses. There’s no doubt that Ashley Cooper is one of the most influential people today, having had built up a fashion brand as a Millennial. Being still young of age and full of potential, Ashley will continue to climb as a highly successful brand owner, fashionista and marketer.