MERCO bank Humanitarian support and Social Responsibility

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MERCO bank has a deep sense of responsibility that is rooted in the core of the company’s DNA. The purpose of the bank is to create an environment where everyone gets the same opportunities and the same kind of treatment. This may seem a little altruistic however, the bank believes that it needs to have good level of social equality and equity in order to succeed. That’s why Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR is one of the biggest parts of MERCO’s vision. MERCO has multiple programs aimed at helping underprivileged communities in different regions, these programs range from micro loans to social initiatives like schools and trainings in those areas.

The bank is a big supporter of WHO and the work the organization is doing around the world. WHO has made strides in multiple areas to take care of the health crisis going around in undeveloped countries and MERCO bank stands with that message. Generous donations are made every year to WHO to support them in their untiring effort to bring stability in the health system of the world.

The bank has also been really vocal about protecting nature. One way through which the bank is trying to help nature is through the grants it gives to the victims of the bushfires around the world. It donates a lot of money every year to different organizations that help fight forest fires around the world. It has been giving support to Rural Fire Service of Australia which is one of the biggest organizations in the world doing that work.

Keeping in line with its fight for nature in the bush fires across the world, the MERCO bank has also been a big supporter of forest saving initiatives. One initiative that the bank has supported quite religiously is the Rainforest Alliance. The Rainforest Alliance helps in conserving the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. It is also working on other rainforests around the world as well.

Last but not the least the bank also feels a lot about Animal Preservation. Currently it is supporting multiple causes all around the world to preserve endangered animal species. One of the species they are really passionate about are Lions. The bank supports the Lions Club International that is aimed at creating a good environment for the lions to thrive in and also protect against human hunters.

These are the main causes in which MERCO bank has given a lot of money, with this the bank has also invested a lot of money into humanitarian causes like cancer research, poverty elevation etc. The bank is committed to helping everyone around the world live better life, be it animals or humans.