Most Common Types of Serious Auto Accidents

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Owning a car is an incredible privilege. Drivers are tested before they are allowed on the road. Once driving, they must adhere to all the rules that govern the driver, any passengers and and all those on the road with them. Drivers must be extremely careful no matter what they’re doing. They must obey posted speed limits. They must agree to park only in designated spots and follow the street signs. Unfortunately, all too often something goes wrong and the driver needs help from a car accident attorney. The odds of dying in a car crash are actually one in 103 over the course of a person’s lifetime.

As any auto accident injury lawyer can explain, some types of car accidents are more dangerous than others. All driver should know what kind of accidents are most likely to be serious and lead to serious problems when they’re running errands or heading off to a much wanted long distance vacation. Doing so can help any driver realize how best to stay safe and keep everyone around them safe as well as help them provide accurate information for a personal injury law firm. A driver who is aware of what might happen and why is a driver who can find ways to avoid such kinds of crashes.

Head On Crashes

The single most dangerous types of crashes are head on crashes. Head on crashes happen when a vehicle collides head on with something else. This can another vehicle. It can also be an object such as a pole or a tree. These crashes typically happen when someone is driving very fast. Driving at high speeds is extremely dangerous. As people speed up, it becomes harder and harder to judge road conditions. It also becomes much harder to stop. All drivers need to adhere to the speed limit.

This means paying even more attention to the road on certain conditions. Any driver should exercise extreme caution when driving at night, during a rainstorm or when it’s snowing. A head on crash can lead to massive vehicle damage. It can also leave the driver in serious condition with potentially lethal wounds. Obey the rules of the road at all times. Avoid driving after consuming alcohol or any type of illicit substance.

Merging Cars

Merging can be an extremely dangerous process. Moving from one type of road to another can cause all sorts of problems. Merging must take place under certain circumstances. Drivers may be asked to go down to one lane because there’s been an accident on the road or workers are fixing the road. A driver may also be asked to go switch lanes order to make the transition from local driving to driving on a large and busy four lane highway.

Learning to merge is one of those skills that everyone should master. Drivers must be aware of their surroundings and the flow of traffic. They should also take into account the speed of traffic on the new road. It’s best to match that speed as soon as possible. If traffic is slowing down, make sure you’re doing the same as you drive. A driver should also be very mindful of any and all blind spots that might impede their ability to see as they travel. Turn your head in both directions as you head into a merge of any kind and decrease you need for an auto accident injury lawyer.

Multiple Vehicle Crashes

Crashes involving more than one crash can happen under many conditions. This is a very common reason to contact a personal injury law firm. A crash is considered a multiple accident crash if three or more vehicles are involved. One car may accidentally hit another. This can cause the driver behind him to come to a sudden stop and crash into that second car. A truck can slide across a busy highway, hurting many drivers and causing serious damage to multiple vehicles in the process. The vehicles can also hit other items such as a tree or fence as the vehicle crash unfolds.

A crash of this type can be terrifying and incredibly dangerous. Injuries of all kinds are highly likely. These kinds of accidents can happen suddenly. Anyone who is driving on a particularly busy highway should pay special attention to their surroundings. If conditions are especially dangerous such as black ice, it’s a good idea to consider pulling over until road conditions improve. If another driver seems to be acting dangerous, it’s even more important to move away from them. Contact the local authorities and let them know about the vehicle.

Rear End Collisions

These are the single most common type of auto accidents. A rear end collision happens when one vehicle gets too close to another vehicle. Tailgating can happen for many reasons. Sometimes there isn’t enough light for the driver to see. A pedestrian may dart in front of one car, causing the other car to hit the back of it. Drivers may try and sneak around ongoing traffic by driving along a side entrance ramp. The driver may also not see a traffic light or stop sight and accidentally hit the second car in the back.

While these kinds of accidents generally result in less serious injuries, they can still cause all kinds of problems. One car can crash into the back window. That sends glass flying into passengers. A driver may hit the back of the car and keep going.That can cause serious injuries to the passengers in the back seat. These kinds of car accidents can be avoided with careful attention to detail as you drive. Allow for the possibility that you might need to stop suddenly at all times.

Side Impact Collisions

Vehicle accidents that happen as the car is hit from the side are known as side impact collisions. These can very dangerous and may require assistance from a car accident attorney. Even a light tap on the side of the door can hurt passengers sitting inside. If the vehicle hits the car with great force, the driver can easily slam the occupant and cause major injuries. One of the most common types of side impact collisions are what are known as a T-bone crash. This is what often happens when a driver accidentally runs past a stop light. The other driver hits the second car perpendicularly.

These accidents are one of the most dangerous of all car accidents. More than one in four of all vehicle deaths happen as a result of a side angle collision. There are many reasons why these accidents are some of the most dangerous of all such accidents. The passenger may be left trapped against the door. That leaves them little room to escape from the vehicle in the event of injury. Medical help can be delayed as medical professionals need to remove the car debris. Reduce your odds of a side angle crash by always watching for other cars. Even you have the right of way, another driver can make a mistake and hit you.

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