Outdated Home Exteriors to Avoid or Transform

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Buying a home is a thrilling adventure, but not when a home buyer doesn’t know what they want and what trends and features will add value to their property. Not all of us have the eye for what looks good in a house and what adds to a property’s curb appeal, and that’s OK. This is why before we apply for a mortgage, we must have a grasp of what we truly want or, at the very least, what constitutes an aesthetically pleasing home in 2021.

Thankfully, we can look back on some outdated styles and how we can give them a modern upgrade through a few tweaks. If you don’t trust your own taste in residential exterior design, here are some outdated styles you need to avoid or transform so that you can have a home with an amazing curb appeal.

Redbrick walls

Redbrick walls can still look good and modern when done right, but when paired with more outdated styles like arch windows, they can instantly transport us back to the ’90s. If you end up buying a property with redbrick as the exterior’s primary design, here are some tips to give it an instant modern boost:

  • If the windows are arched, consider changing the style into a more modern square edge.
  • A quick paint job can instantly transform the property’s curb appeal. Go for a timeless color like a warm white, and incorporate gray wood shutters to add contrast.
  • Consider changing the front door to improve the curb appeal as well.
  • Another way to transform brick walls is by adding plaster over them. Completely changing the finish of the bricks can eliminate the outdated look and feel of the property.


Mid-century design is another aesthetic that can only look modern and fresh under specific conditions. If you are to buy a property built in the ’60s or ’70s and has not been renovated, remodeled, or redesigned since then, you can be sure that you are buying a property that came straight out of Mad Men. Here are a few tweaks that can instantly transform this style of home’s curb appeal:

1. Changing the color

You would be surprised by just how much a fresh coat of paint can do. Some trendy exterior home colors you can consider include warm whites that lean towards a little more cream, various shades of pale gray, beige. You can also try pale blue, Aegean teal, and other types of muted green for the accent color. Bronze, dark gray, and black can work as the main color or accent. Even a two-tone kind can be good.

You might notice that these colors tend to be on the neutral side, and it’s a smart move. Neutral colors are timeless and elegant, and you never have to worry about having to change your paint colors again after a few years. As they say: When in doubt, paint it white.

2. Focusing on the landscaping

If the mid-century property is on the older side, prioritize its landscaping, too. Some healthy bushes and grass will go a long way in giving the property a brightness lift and upgrade.

Glass blocks

Do you remember those tinted glass block windows that are reminiscent of the ones in church? They’re usually incorporated to let more light through the structure, and they’re commonly placed in a bathroom or a shower. They are incredibly outdated, and you can rest assured that there are plenty of stylish ways to let the light in without resorting to them. If you end up investing in a home with these windows, consider changing them to solid glass to give the structure a more modern and chic upgrade.

Plain designs

Some older home exteriors are sorely lacking in windows and often have boring front doors. You can instantly transform a plain exterior design by adding a few trims, incorporating a gorgeous brick walkway and a tiny fence made of picket or iron. Partner with an architect or designer who has an eye for transforming these dull exteriors into something with more character and depth to understand how to transform the exteriors and understand which renovations you would be allowed to do on the property. 

Additional pointers

One of the smartest things a home buyer can do is to see a residential property not just for what it is but for what it can be. There’s a reason reality shows about home makeovers are such a phenomenon. It’s fascinating when designers see an old space and think of creative and genius ways to elevate it.

When buying a residential property, look at the house for its potential and renovate it in worthwhile ways. You can see its value go way up than when you first bought it. 

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