Real Man Takes Care of Himself

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Most of the men believe that they do care about themselves. But is it true? Do we really take care of our health as much as we should or at least enough so that we don’t have any major health issues that would ruin our happiness?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. We don’t exercise enough, we don’t eat healthy food enough, we don’t cope with the stress well good enough, we don’t go to the doctor often enough and we don’t take care of our mental state enough.

We also don’t love ourselves enough and in many cases we don’t take care of our loved ones enough. But why is that, even though we all probably would want to feel better and live better?

There are more answers, but the one that stands out is “We are used to it as it is”. We live that way for many years and now it is hard to change. It takes a lot of will, passion, time and effort to do it. Usually we don’t have at least one of them, but in many cases we lack most of them. We also tend to mix priorities wrong way, so we do stuff that are less important instead of doing those that are the most important. Our life partner or the one that we really love is one of the closest person we will ever have in our lives and he/she deserves the best of us. We shouldn’t take them as granted and we should understand that the happiness for both of you can only be achieved if both wish the best for each other and both are willing to put a lot of effort and time to make the other side happy.

Intimacy is very important in a relationship, to some it is even the most important. And for a intimacy to be amazing for both of you, you have to be honest, willing to improve yourself and most important listen to the other side. Men tend to hide their fears and their flaws. This only brings bigger problems and bigger disappointment, because they keep their secrets or fears inside of them and they become emotionally detached over the time. Many men has problems with erection or premature ejaculation. If you encounter any of these problems the first thing you should do is accept it. After that set the right mentality.

You are probably asking yourself what should this mean? Well it means that you shouldn’t cry about the problem, you should be depressed, you shouldn’t be judging yourself or anyone else. No matter what the problem is, you should always seek for the solutions, and the same is with the erection problems or premature ejaculation problems. There are many ways to overcome these problems. You can be happy that you are living in 2021 year, because today there is a solution for it, and if you had this problems 50 or 100 years ago, there were not many as today.

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