Safer Drivers Course

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Both teen and adult drivers feel learning to drive is overwhelming. It can be challenging to learn the rules and signs necessary to be a safe driver, especially when you have other things going on in life. You may also be scared of veering or swerving into the neighbouring lane. This fear causes many new drivers to become reluctant to get behind the wheel. Taking a drivers course is a great way to learn the road rules from licensed professionals to train new drivers.

Why Take a Drivers Course

These courses are an excellent resource for those preparing for their driving exam. The rules and regulations in many states can be complex and challenging to remember. Under the care of licensed and certified driving instructors, students at all skill levels are taught the skills they need to reduce their fears, so they don’t hinder their ability to pass their exam. Apart from helping new drivers relax, some benefits of this include:

  1. Teaching you road signs and traffic laws
  2. Teaching defensive driving habits so you are alert and ready for anything you encounter on the road
  3. Giving you more confidence in your skills, since you are practising the skills with a licensed professional
  4. Teaching you what to do if a police officer stops you

One of the top reasons to take this course is it can make you safer on the road. The high rate of accidents that new drivers cause is remarkable. Taking a safer drivers course can help novice drivers learn what to do to remain safe behind the wheel and reduce traffic accidents among novice drivers.

Safer Drivers Course

If you are on your L-plates, the Safer Drivers Course will prepare you for driving alone when you get your provisional licence. It teaches learners how to reduce road risks with hands-on advice and safety plans. The instructor will also teach you ways to cope when your mates are inside the car with you or if you are late by improving safe driving performance. The course was created to help you comprehend speed control when to take a gap, danger awareness and safe trailing distances, which previous driving lessons may not have covered.

Receive credit hours

The Safer Drivers Course will teach you the skills you need to develop into a safe driver, and you will also earn 20 hours of logbook credit when you finish the course. The 20 hours of bonus logbook credit will only be deducted once because this was designed to be attended one time. However, you can receive an additional 20 hours of credit if you also take 10 hours of professional driving lessons. You will only be required to complete 100 hours of directed driving.

Additional information on the course

For someone to take this course, you need to be on your L-plates, under the age of 25 and have finished at least 50 logbook hours of driving. This cost is $140; it includes a group discussion and an in-vehicle coaching session with other students. This course is available at various locations in NSW and Victoria. LTrent’s website has a list of their course sites and available class openings, which you can book directly with the course provider.

The LTrent Method

The statistics show that the first six months on your P’s is the most risk you will ever face behind the wheel. These statistics tell us that newly licenced P plate drivers aren’t learning the required skills or knowledge to handle situations they may face while driving solo. LTrent Driving SChool has created the Trent Method, a systematised training program that produces safe drivers. This method has a structured curriculum that includes a 128-page Handbook, student record card, 54 instruction topics and lesson plans. You will also learn many safety concepts, such as the safety wheel. LTrent Driving School has several locations you can choose from, so you won’t have to travel far. In this method, you will be instructed on new skills and assessed on them.

The LTrent method helps you improve your driver by

  1. Providing training in a logical order
  2. Giving you helpful feedback on the skills you’ve been learning
  3. Planning lessons to get you results
  4. Setting goals to help you get your licence faster
  5. Continuously practising learnt skills

The LTrent Method is a world-class curriculum for the young learner that ensures that you are confident in what you are learning and are ready to start driving solo. Providing instruction for over fifty years gives Ltrent the experience that has helped students increase their chances of passing the driving test by 28%.

For Disadvantaged Learner Drivers

If you are a young learner driver from a disadvantaged background or Aboriginal community, the NSW Government offers 1000 available free places for the Safer Drivers Course each year. This provision lets those who are financially poor to reap the benefits from the Safer Drivers Course. To qualify for a fee exemption, you need to:

  1. Have a valid learner licence
  2. Be under the age of 25
  3. At least 50 logbook driving hours some of those hours must be night driving, 3-for-1 bonus hours are not counted
  4. Information regarding the elderly is available on our website.

In order to receive an exemption on the fees, fill out the Safer Drivers Course Concession Application application, which the form can find on LTrents website. Make a copy of your current Health Care Card, or Pensioner Concession Card will need to be provided to your course provider.


Learning to drive can be complicated and overwhelming, causing many people to fear getting behind the wheel. LTrent has trained many learners to pass the driving test and gain the skills to drive anywhere. With the course, you will learn everything you need to know to feel at ease when driving. To become a safer driver, check out LTrent Driving School. Enrol online and book securely using LTrent’s online booking system or speak to a team member over the phone.