Staying Positive Amid Covid-19: Dr Prabhjot Gill on Videos, Socializing and More

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The presence and scope of the coronavirus can leave a lot of people feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope with the situation.

Here are some ways on how you can stay positive despite what’s going on.

Choose Uplifting, Educational and Entertaining Content

Going on the internet and sifting through content can provide a rollercoaster of emotions, but the truth is that you can control the things you see.

Focusing on the positive, whether on Apple TV+, Netflix or YouTube, or social media and forums can make a world of difference on how you feel. Actively choose the good things you want, and there’s a chance that you’ll find it online.

For parenting help and tips for better health, you can find a number of great videos at

Use the ‘Mute’ Tool

It’s okay to avoid negative news if they’re on repeat day after day, but you wouldn’t want to completely shut it out when you need to hear new ones in a timely manner.

On social media, you can use the ‘unfollow’ and ‘mute’ options for when you need to block out the toxicity and added stress. Using these tools are easy and usually instantaneous. On Twitter, you can block keywords from appearing in your feed.

Surround Yourself with Friends

Right now it might be impossible or impractical in some part of the world, to visit friends or loved ones due to the covid situation. However, thanks to the internet and technology, you can do this via video conferences, group chats and more.

Good friends and the presence of loved ones can make the stresses of living in for prolonged periods of time bearable. Whenever possible, take the time to reach out, and talk about uplifting and positive topics.

Speak with an Expert

Health professionals can help you find your balance and well-being. They can diagnose symptoms and offer expert advice.

It’s now possible to schedule an appointment online for holistic treatment. You can speak with Dr Prabhjot Gill to ask about health concerns and more.

Dr Prabhjot Gill

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