The Basic Seasons Greetings Christmas Cards Etiquettes

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We all look forward to feeling festive at the end of the year. The Christmas spirit not only marks the end of a fruitful year, but it also reminds you to gift your loved one. Of course, you will want to buy them a nicely wrapped gift that they will use as a constant reminder of your love towards them. But when you use a gift card, it allows you to express your feelings towards them. That is why seasons greetings Christmas cards will never go out of style. Read on to find out the basic etiquette for these types of cards.

Send it Three Weeks Before Christmas Day

Sending your holiday card at least three weeks before Christmas day ensures that your recipient will get it in good time. Give yourself time to collect all your loved ones’ addresses, craft and order your cards, package them in envelopes, and mail them out.

Say the Right Words

The words you use to address a close friend should be different than those you use when you are with your parents or colleagues. It is advisable to personalize your message while ensuring it remains appropriate. If you are struggling with messages, sentiments, or introductions, don’t worry. Mixbook has compiled a list of Christmas card messages you can use to customize your card.

Use the Right Initials

If you are going to send a Christmas card to a close loved one, then it is perfectly acceptable to address them with their first name or the name you know them best by. But when it comes to business associates, using formal titles can go a long way in portraying you as a respectful person. If they are married, you can use titles such as Mr. or Mrs,, but if you are addressing your doctor or professor, initials such as Dr. or Prof. will work magic. That portrays you as a respectful person and as someone that values relationships, whether formal or informal.

End Your Christmas Note With a Signature

A signature is a closing gesture on any piece of writing. It means there is nothing else to write once you have signed your name. Whether you are sending it to your business partner or your loved one, a hand-written signature will do you good. You can use blue or black ink to sign your name. Avoid using a red pen to write your signature.

Learn the Basics of Christmas Cards Etiquette With Mixbook

Mixbook has plenty of ways to help you craft the best Christmas card. Whether you are new to sending cards, or an expert card artist, you will find all the tools to help you be a master. Visit their website to learn the basics of Christmas card etiquettes.