The new era of Real Estate consulting – Rup Singh

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These days, everyone thinks that real estate consulting and dealing are easy, but trust me when I tell you that it is not a piece of cake. Only the professionals carry out the tasks when the market remains volatile for a long time. Rup Singh a world-class real estate consultant of the United States of America. He was born in Westchester. His energy and urge to go to the top were visual when he was a baseball player in High school.

After graduation, he discovered his talent in the real estate business. From then, he committed himself to this business; working as a salesman, he was looking for an opportunity to get into the business deeply. He was raised quickly because of his behavior toward his clients. After this raising, he devoted himself fully to this real estate consulting. He trained himself in every matter so that he could deal with the customers in the ideal ways.

Because of his great success, he was awarded a place in the top 1% of America’s real estate consultants and nominated in the “914 INC WunderKing Under 30” awards. He continued growing his talent by teaching others about how to deal with the customers and lead his team in his organization of real estate consulting named “The Legacy Group.”

His Journey to the Top:

After working for some years in the real estate world as a sales man, Singh decided to change his ways of selling houses. He didn’t run towards money because that could negatively affect his clients. He worked for clients’ interests and expectations; he helped to sell houses to the people who once dreamt about having a home in the United States of America.

In 2014 his efforts totally changed the next year for his life. Previously, he focused on gaining his clients’ trust, and the next year, he earned six figures. When he showed his parents the earned money, they felt so proud of him, and so did he. In his Instagram profile, he stated that his parents were so happy, and now they tell everyone that I do real estate consulting. Later on, he started working with other organizations where he discovered ways of getting more profit and success in selling the houses.

He was growing quickly in this business, but when he started working in Westchester, the dirt under his feet started converting into gold. Westchester’s magazines noticed his success and ranked him in the top 1% of the United States of America’s real estate agents.

He gained his place in the ranking by earning a huge gross commission in one year and increasing his profits by three-time in the next years. In 2019, his success continued to grow when he won the “914 INC WunderKing 30 Award” by Westchester Magazine. 

Because of his success in this business, ranking at the top, earning the magazines’ award, he is on his way to build his new firm named “Legacy Group.”