Where to Get the Most Authentic Fast Food Fashion to Take Your Streetwear Game to the Next Level

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With logos becoming the biggest trend in streetwear right now, it’s also the best time to proclaim your love towards your favorite fast food joint by wearing their merchandise proudly. Fortunately, brands are also getting smarter and designing their non-food products better. So it’s definitely a great time to wear something with the name of your top choice of food purveyor emblazoned on it.

If you’re fashion conscious and don’t want to get caught wearing a drab outfit, there’s still tons of great official merchandise that you can choose from. You can start out with these places, though:


As can be seen here, the Bojangles menu is full of awesome tasty fried chicken meals. So now you can tell the world your love for Bojangles’ Cajun filet biscuits by getting one of their shirts. If you’re not exactly a fan of that, you can get their other shirts or trucker hat instead.


KFC made a lot of buzz when they dropped some of the most fashionable merchandise in 2017. Their line consisted of tees, sweaters, accessories, embroidered patches, and even pillowcases that you’ll want to get your hands on.


Want to proclaim your love for those world famous fries without making a fashion misstep? McDonald’s are selling the cutest graphic tees, socks, and accessories with their well-loved fries on them. We also particularly love their sports apparel because who said you can’t balance your love for their greasy grub and your healthy lifestyle?

Auntie Anne’s

If you’re particularly fond of fashion with a good cause and a lover of some good pretzels, Auntie Anne’s For the Love of Pretzels collection would be right up your alley. They offer the most adorable pretzel adorned pieces ever. Every piece has your comfort in mind, so they’re really perfect for anyone who loves the snack.

The best part about getting these items? All proceeds go to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF), a charitable organization that aids in cancer research and support.

Taco Bell

This brand pretty much has the millennial and Gen Z trends down to pat so it’s not too surprising that they have the coolest merchandise as well. What we liked about their clothing line, however, is its very wide range.

While a lot of the other brands on this list only offers tees, sweaters, and tote bags, Taco Bell also offers cute branded long sleeve shirts, raglan shirts, sweat pants, and even tank tops. Their designs are cool and very wearable and they even come up with seasonal pieces that are fun to have.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut offered one of the most buzzed-about clothing lines previously with their creative and unexpected pieces that were embraced by lots of people. Their pizza adorned snapbacks, scarves, and even longboards are the coolest things any pizza-lover can wear.

If you’re not a fan of overly pizza-fied pieces, though, there are also more low-key pizza-inspired apparel available. We particularly adored the hoodie and tank tops, so you might like those as well.


With its cult following, it would be a shame for In-N-Out not to sell some official merchandise. And as expected from one of the hippest fast food joints in the country, they’re offering some of the hippest merchandise ever to be made available.

Aside from knowing exactly what their customers would love to wear, they also offer a lot of it. Their Collector shirts are pretty amusing because some folks would really want to get all of them. They also have nearly everything you need to cover yourself entirely with In-N-Out merchandise, so in case you want to go all out, you won’t run out of options.

Shake Shack

Like In-N-Out, Shake Shack has also cultivated a loyal following through its good food and corporate advocacies. This is why you’ll find lots of their fans more than willing to flaunt their love for the brand through their clothing.

Fortunately, Shake Shack also offers some of the most wearable brand merchandise you’ll find. Aside from their apparel, their collaboration pieces are also very exciting. Their plush toys, model kits, and backpacks are also fun to have.


Despite the trying times the chain went through in recent years, its most loyal following continues to enjoy their specialties. If you’re one of them who are not shy about expressing your undying support for the brand, their hip merchandise will surely appeal to you.

Their tees are particularly attractive with their no-frills and somewhat distressed designs. They also look very comfortable – perfect for the true blue Chipotle fan.

Eateries selling merchandise isn’t necessarily a novel idea as restaurants have always sold their own trinkets and souvenirs to guests. However, it’s truly fascinating that food merch is having a solid fashion moment the past few years and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Whether you’re a fashion slave or not, this is still the best time to get the most adorable apparel from your favorite fast food joint. They’ll always be great additions to your wardrobe as they can be full of character and even induce nostalgia years later.