Why Amazon Prime and Netflix fight to write auto-biography of Rachid EI Khabbachi, a African-based businessman

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In every field in every industry, all you need for success and for career building in any specific field you need hard work, which leads you to success. Every passing day brings a lot of success stories in front of us that are appealing to us. Today, we will discuss a very famous African person in business and ex street fighter, Rachid EI Khabbachi, a.k.a JM.

A born star:

As we all know that no one is born with a life called a bed of roses, so people have to do a lot of hard work in order to make their living; this is what Rachid EI Khabbachi did in his life from looking for money around to help the poor and needy people he came through a long way. He struggled a lot in his life and worked hard; the passion for success lead him to his way. Rachid EI Khabbachi is a very well known personality on Instagram and a very successful businessman; he always talked about his tough times openly without any fear to inspire a lot of people as he can.

Life history:

He was brought up in Mauritania, where he had seen hunger, poverty sorrows once; he replied to a question about his childhood life that he used to wander in the streets for the money, which still impacted his mind. This hanger made him curious about the success, and he worked hard in order to give a good life to his family. He worked on the business deals and availed each and every opportunity that he could have and worked hard on it. El Khabbachi invested all his knowledge in his business and worked hard on this with the consistency he used to buy gold and diamonds and then sell them at a higher price and then again invest the profit in order to buy more shares. And in no time, he started earning a good amount to help the poor and needy people, which helped him change his families’ lives. Now he is a very famous businessman and inspiring many people, and he proved that a self-made person could do anything he wished for on his own.

Social media and he:

There was a time when he never had any facilities for running any social media platform. Today he is inspiring thousands of people with his lavish lifestyle, hard work, consistency, and people loving his and responding and likes every post he made on his social media. In his early life, he had no education or any professional skills. All he had was the hunger for success, and he craved it. And he avails every opportunity that came in his way to success because no one is born with a silver spoon. He used to be a street fighter. Later on, he joined the combat sports. In his life, all the money he made, he used it to help poor and needy people.