Why Would You Need Vitamin B12 Injections

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Vitamins are essential nutrients that boost your immune system and promote faster wound healing. Vitamin B12 mainly plays a role in several bodily functions, including DNA production. Most animal-based foods such as fish, meat, nutritional yeast and dairy products are rich in vitamin B12. While absorption of vitamin B12 occurs naturally, some people require Albuquerque vitamin injections since their bodies cannot absorb the nutrient. Here is why you need to visit your physician for vitamin B12 shots.

Why would I need vitamin B12 injections?

As vitamin B12 occurs in animal products, the vitamins bind with protein molecules. During digestion, stomach acid separates vitamin B12 from protein molecules, and the intrinsic factor facilitates its absorption in the bloodstream. Unfortunately, some people have insufficient stomach acid or intrinsic factors, which predispose them to vitamin B12 deficiency. Individuals who have undergone gastric surgery may also benefit from vitamin B12 injections. Below are other reasons why you may need vitamin B12 injections.

You are over 60 years

Older adults are more susceptible to vitamin B12 deficiency since they are also prone to conditions that limit stomach acid production, such as gastric atrophy. Insufficient production of stomach acid allows the growth of bacteria that feed on vitamin B12 stores.

You have gastrointestinal issues

Medical problems that affect your gastrointestinal tract may affect the absorption of vitamin B12. These conditions include work infestation, celiac disease Crohn’s disease, pancreatic cancer, and folic acid deficiency. People who have undergone surgical procedures such as gastrectomy can also benefit from vitamin B12 injections. Since surgery usually involves a significant reduction in stomach size, inadequate acid or intrinsic factors may facilitate vitamin B12 absorption.

You follow a plant-based diet

Since vitamin B12 mainly occurs in animal-based foods, vegetarians miss this essential vitamin. For this reason, they need vitamin B12 injection to reduce their risk of vitamin B12 deficiency. Pregnant and lactating women, especially vegan ones, need supplements or fortified foods since the transfer of the nutrients to the baby via the placenta for breast milk. Often, specialists recommend oral supplements, but injections can also be administered.

What are the possible risks of vitamin B12 shots?

The risks of vitamin injections are low, but the most common side effects include itching, redness, and pain at the injection site. Your skin may also temporarily itch, and you may have mild diarrhea. Although less likely, there is also a risk of pulmonary edema, congestive heart failure, anaphylaxis, and peripheral vascular thrombosis. Symptoms such as swelling, hives, and breathing difficulties may signify anaphylaxis which requires emergency care.

It is always important to inform your doctor before receiving any vitamin B12 shot since it may interact with metformin and H2 receptor antagonist drugs. Consultation is also necessary since individuals with allergies and certain medical conditions may not be eligible for vitamin B12 injections. For example, if you have low potassium levels, have kidney problems, or are sensitive to vitamin B12, your doctor may advise against injections.

If you have further questions about vitamin B12, consult your doctor today at Freya’s Lair Medical Spa.