4 Costly Aerial Installation Mistakes to Avoid

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TV aerial installation is a pretty straightforward affair- the technician comes in, checks for the best antenna location and installs the equipment (usually on the rooftop). They then configure your TV to receive the channels, and that’s that.

Taking the DIY approach can make the process more difficult than it is. Here are 4 costly mistakes you should look out for.

Unstable Antenna Installation

Securing your aerial is very important especially if it’s outdoors. Strong winds, heavy rains and the elements can break down the foundation or knock the aerial off its perch and cause possible structural or property damage.

Trust only the professionals for a tv antenna installation. offers fast and affordable, high quality aerial installations in the UK.

Wrong Type of Antenna

Homeowners may assume that one antenna works for all, but then they’d realize that it’s a costly mistake. When you turn on the TV you get signal strength problems even when it’s pointed in the right direction and high enough to receive proper broadcasting.

A TV aerial installer will know the right antenna for your needs so you won’t have to buy two antennas.

Buying an Amplifier Even When You Don’t Need It

Most people tend to buy an amplifier as they’d assume the stronger the signal the better the reception. In some cases an amplifier may cause interference and do more harm than good.

Using an Old Coax Cable

Cable integrity is just as important as the antenna, the receiver and the TV unit. An old coax can cause issues such as reception, static and sometimes even a ‘no signal found’ error.

Replacing an old coax cable with a new one is time-consuming as you’ll need to connect it to the TV and the aerial. Moreover, you will need to do some cable management processes. can check and see if your cables are at par with the reception and installation. They can replace it with higher quality ones to ensure smooth programming.