4 Easy and Simple Ways to Tidy a Room

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Is your room so messy that there’s no place to sit or lie down? Taking it all in, the view can be exhausting in itself, but you can start tidying up with these four easy-to-do tips.

Put Things Back to Their Places

You can achieve a lot by simply putting things where they belong. For instance, the dirty laundry should be put in the hamper, while home office or study desk items can be put back where they originally were. The same goes for toys (in storage), clothes, and everyday items.

Pick Up and Throw Trash

There’s bound to be a large percentage of trash and things you don’t need if you’re tidying up a room that hasn’t been done so for a long time. Once the valuables are rounded up and put in their right position, it’s time to focus on the trash. Plastics, packets, and packaging can go straight to the trash can. To save time and energy, have a handy black bag or bin on hand and always with you.

Vacuum and Purify the Air

Your condo at The Arcady at Boon Keng will look so much nicer if it’s neat and clean. After taking out the trash, you should prepare your vacuum cleaner and air purifier to improve air quality. You can also open the windows and let fresh air in while you do the chore. The vacuum cleaner should pick up the smaller particles like dust, dirt, and dander, leaving your floor and walls sparkling new.

Organize and Declutter

If your room still looks in shambles, maybe you should organize and put away some items you’re not using every day. Take stock and think if an item will have any use in the future. If not, consider selling it online for extra cash.