4 Gum Disease Prevention Tips

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Did you know that gum disease impacts more than your dental health? Your gums act as a barrier, and when healthy, it helps protect body damage from inflammation. If you have gum disease, you are at an increasingly high risk of serious conditions such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and for expectant mothers, low-birth weight or premature birth. With such considerable impacts in mind, Tomball gum disease prevention is critical as you strive to lead a healthy life. Below are a few gum disease prevention tips you can effortlessly include in your regimen.

1.              Oral Hygiene

Maintaining top oral hygiene is the simplest measure to keep gum disease at bay. Brushing may seem obvious, but it helps maintain cleanliness and avoid plaque buildup. Also include flossing in your regimen, considerably lowering plaque that provides the environment for bacteria growth and gum infection. Including products like antimicrobial mouthwash can also help improve hygiene measures.

It is also advisable to routinely visit your dentist for professional cleaning. The professionals are well-equipped and experienced, helping you clean even the hard-to-reach areas. They can also boost oral hygiene through resourceful information, such as guidance on picking the right toothbrush and paste.

2.              Healthy Diet

While considering your dental health, the main dietary concern you may have in mind is avoiding sugar items. While this is helpful, especially in limiting gum damage and tooth decay risks, it isn’t the only measure you need to observe. Healthy nutrition improves overall well-being by replenishing the body with the nutrients needed to facilitate development and self-repair.

Vitamin C, for instance, can help prevent gum disease and boost the healing process if you are already struggling with the condition. The vitamin’s properties help stop the gums from receding, bleeding, and swelling. Vitamin also helps stabilize teeth and avoid their loss. A diet packed with a healthy kick of minerals and vitamins boosts your immunity, keeping conditions at bay, gum disease included. While still on dietary measures, remember to hydrate. Hydrating keeps you healthier and facilitates saliva production, helping fight bacteria that could infect your mouth and cause gum disease.

3.              Quit Destructive Habits

Among the habits you will see advised against across the board is smoking. Smoking causes many health problems, gum disease included. You are at a high risk of gum disease since the habit increases bacterial plaque buildup, providing an optimum environment for infection to grow and spread. The worst part is that smoking also impacts blood circulation. This means that gum disease won’t heal fast since you won’t be getting well replenished. Smoking doesn’t only affect your mouth odor and lead to teeth discoloration. It increases gum disease risk, impacting your overall wellness.

4.              Routine Dental Care Visits

Gum disease can be sneaky and usually goes undetected until it has taken a toll on your health. The condition develops in various stages, and when spotted early, you can implement interventions to stop it with less invasive measures. Routine dental visits help prevent the condition since the dentist is knowledgeable and well-equipped, meaning they can spot the issues even with no symptoms.

Gum disease can significantly impact your dental wellness, including leading to tooth loss. Adopting a preventative strategy is advised; this doesn’t have to alter your lifestyle. Visit Russell Family Dentistry today for more on gum disease prevention and all your dental concerns.