4 Pets Perfect for Condo Living

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Having a pet in your Parktown Residences unit is a big responsibility, but it makes sense if you want some companionship or a fixture to liven your condo. In a smaller space, you’re confined to just a few, but these five should fit right in seamlessly.


A fish tank or bowl is a pleasing aesthetic in itself and matches well no matter where you put it. As a recommendation, you can put it in the living room for guests and visitors to admire. Consider the fish type and its home so your pet can live longer. Beginners can try to keep a goldfish while the more experienced can opt for an Arowana or something similar.


A hamster is a great choice for those who are living in a condo and want a pet. They’re not noisy and require little maintenance. A conducive environment and plenty of room should be more than enough for them. Keep their bedding clean and change their drinking water daily and your pet should be happy.


A rabbit is similar to a hamster but they’re more interactive in several ways. You can let them roam around the house in a safe space, and pet them while they’re out of their enclosures. If you don’t want too many rabbits, consider keeping only one.


Having a cat will require more upkeep compared to the rest of the pets on the list, but the rewards you get is substantial. They can act as silent companions and keep you from being lonely. To prepare a condo for a cat, you’ll need to consider their home and where they will eat, as well as toys and things to keep them entertained and happy. Make sure you have the budget to account for their check-ups and overall health.