4 Pre-Purchase Tips for Would-Be Condo Owners

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You’re in the final planning stages of acquiring your dream condo unit at the Lentor Mansion. But before you sign that deal, here are some things you should do to get the most out of your property purchase. Here are four tips we’d recommend you complete first.

See the Condo in Person

It’s always a good idea to book a viewing appointment with a real estate agent and see the condo unit or house in person. For such a huge investment, you’ll want to see what you’re buying and base your decision on that. Remember, photos show off the property in the best light possible, but they might be hiding something. An ocular visit will be worth it even if the condo is a distance away from your current home.

Gather Information About the Developer

Track record, news, and reputation are things you should look for in a real estate developer or company. What are their previous projects? Is there any news about them? What about after-sale support and others? It’s possible to gather information solely using online means. If you can, speak with the homeowners and see what their experience is like.

Do Some Research on the Location and Community

Research is not only for the developer but also for the location and the community. Prime location means there are modern conveniences nearby, with shopping malls and public transportation within easy reach. However, you should also check the traffic, if the area is prone to flooding, and if there are factories and industrial buildings nearby.

Talk to a Real Estate Agent

Speak with a professional for insights on the pros and cons of a condo unit before making a purchase. He or she could recommend you a list of possible units you can get based on what you need.