4 Tips for a Smoother Transition from House to Condo

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Whether you’re looking for a home that has a prime location or transitioning from an empty nest, living from a large house to a smaller condo unit can take some time to get used to. However, you can make it much easier if you follow these four tips.

Start with the Essentials

Once you’ve chosen a great condo like the Watten House for your next property, the next logical step is to think about which things, appliances, furniture, and fixtures you need for your new unit. Instead of insisting on bringing all of them with you (and dealing with an impossible task of decluttering later on), you can map out the space by putting in the essential things first.

Plan the Interior Design Ahead of Time

The good news about transitioning from house to condo is that you’ll have a smaller space to work with, design-wise. This means you don’t have to spend as much time or effort to make the living room or bedroom your own. A new curtain or a spot of color may be all it takes, but it’s best to plan ahead (we recommend doing this before you move in.)

View or Visit the Condo Unit First

Having an idea of the space you’ll be working with is always recommended, so book a viewing or an appointment to see the condo unit in person. This way, you can visualize or use an augmented reality app to help you see what your couch would look like in the condo, for example.

Consider Renting Storage Space

If you simply can’t let go of all your things and you know it’s not going to fit in your condo, then you should consider renting out a storage space near the condo. Whenever you have the time, you can choose whether to keep, sell, or donate large furniture, antiques, and things you might not need at the moment.