4 Ways to Grow Your Channel on Youtube

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You may have recently created a channel on YouTube. Now what? The next objective is to grow it so you can get more views and subscribers.

To achieve this you can do the following:

Jumpstart with YouTube Views

Most new channels get discouraged because they only get a few views every time they create and upload new content on YouTube.

One way to get the ball rolling is to buy youtube views. This lets potential viewers see that your video is worth watching, and the higher the count the more compelled they will be to click it.

Give Away Free Stuff

People love to participate in promotions, and this applies to YouTube channels as well.

Businesses and brands will want to give away their own products and hit two birds with one stone- more exposure and word of mouth advertising.

Start a Collaboration with Other Creators

Co-hosting is a great way to spread the word and helps other aspiring YouTubers.

The key to doing this successfully is to make sure that their niche is in line with yours. The more audience they have, the better the impact for your own channel.

Update Your Channel Regularly

As a YouTube channel you have to make sure there are fresh, new content in there in a regular basis. Simply putting in half-made videos isn’t enough- it has to be carefully thought out, useful to the viewers and entertaining to a degree.

Start by uploading several videos each week, then doing more as you get the hang of making videos.

Optimize the Thumbnails and Description

Thumbnails are more powerful than you think. They’re the first impressions whenever a user does a search. If it’s attractive enough then they’ll likely click it and watch, which means you get to grow your channel.

Don’t forget to fill up the video description, title and meta tags so it’s searchable.