4 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Page

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Instagram with its huge community, has found itself being in the top three social media platforms, ranking third. It has become a relatively large platform for brands and influencers along with celebrities and small businesses who are always looking for various strategies to grow their Instagram page and get more web traffic in order to increase popularity and sales.

 Let’s take a dive and identify the ways in which you can grow your Instagram page effectively.

Post Interesting Material

If the content you post is gripping and relatable, it is highly likely that you will start gaining followers and likes. You may initially buy Instagram likes in order to give an impression of popularity. This would aid in people not questioning the legitimacy of your account.

Since Instagram’s focal point of posts are the visuals, it is important to go for posts that feel pleasing to the eye. Make sure the quality of your posts is good as bad quality photos often put off your followers. Good quality ensures your Instagram followers buy your products too.

Choose a Theme or Aesthetic

The first and foremost step to growing your page is to identify the fact that it is imperative for you to have a proper theme and aesthetic for your account. You do not want a varied and irregular theme as that would not interest your target population. Themes and aesthetics pave a path for the tone and setting for your account as it’s the first thing individuals notice about your Instagram feed which will in turn prove to be a factor influencing the growth of your account.

The Proper Hashtags

If your goal is to promote your page and make it grow, you must ensure your reach is not just limited to your followers. You must use the relevant hashtags under the photos that you may be posting. These hashtags make sure that your posts become visible on the explore page, making it open for more individuals to visit your account, increasing your following and consequently guaranteeing growth of your account.

Regular Posts

In order to maximize your growth, you must post regularly, with content that is interesting for your followers. The lesser you post, the more you bore your audience, thus lessening the chances of your account growth.


In summation, choose your theme properly, post good content and most importantly believe in your ability to grow your own account.