4 Ways to Upgrade to a More Sustainable Home

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Sustainability, or the process of using more renewable energy and lowering carbon footprint, is now more achievable than ever. In the hope for a brighter and greener future, here are four ways you can contribute starting in the home.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are one of the most accessible ways to become less reliant on the grid. You can set it up in a Marina View Residences condo or any urban residence that has a roof. On the plus side, you can scale it up depending on your energy needs and pass on the electricity requirements on devices and appliances you use daily.

Natural Lighting

Natural lighting offers several distinct advantages, notably a brighter environment and lower energy costs. You won’t need to spend an exorbitant amount to achieve more lighting in your home. You can start by utilizing your windows to let the light in and controlling that using modern blinds or shades.

Focus on Energy Efficiency

While it’s true that we rely on major appliances on a daily basis, you have a degree of control over how much electricity each device consumes. Newer appliances are much more energy efficient than before, which means they use less energy for the same amount of work or capacity. A good example is LED bulbs, which consume anywhere between 5-10 watts to provide brighter illumination compared to CFL bulbs which go between 20-30 watts.

Smart Appliances and Tech

Smart home automation shaves hours off unused operation runtime when you’re not actively using them. For instance, you can have a smart bulb shut off automatically when you sleep and turn it on in the morning. A smart plug can be used to turn off smart TVs, routers, and home devices when you leave the house via an app. The more devices under automation, the lower your energy bill becomes.