5 Major Steps of Using Veneers to Fix Crooked Teeth

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It is normal to feel embarrassed with crooked teeth, but veneers are one of the most effective ways of managing such complications. Your confidence and self-esteem can be damaged by misaligned teeth affecting the quality of your life. However, veneers can restore our vibrant smile by giving you properly aligned and photogenic teeth. The veneers Beaumont specialists examine your needs to determine if veneers are your best option. It would help if you worked with your dentist to design the best treatment plan to fit your needs. Here are some steps involved when considering veneers for crooked teeth.

Investigate the Severity of Your Condition

Teeth crookedness varies in severity, and treatments work best in different situations. Veneers are a great option to manage crooked teeth that are not severe. The porcelain devices only correct minor teeth problems, and you better ensure that that is what your teeth needs. Remember that the shells do not solve the problem but rather cover it. Talk to your doctor and find out if covering your crooked teeth is your best option. Also, veneers are best used by those above 35 to minimize the effect on the teeth. Remember that veneers might involve tooth preparation which can affect tooth pulp when done early.

Ensure Veneers are Right for You

Multiple other treatments can also be used to manage crooked teeth. So, why settle for veneers? First, veneers are simple compared to other options like retainers or braces. Veneers are easy to manage since you do not have to remove them. Veneers also can multitask by covering other complications like gaps, chips, and stains. Also, veneers are considered permanent and will not need repair or adjustments. Although they can cost you more, they serve you a lifetime, and you might only need a replacement after about ten years. Consider your activities as you might need additional protection, like using a mouthguard when participating in serious contact sports. Talk to your dentist about veneers if you feel like veneers are what you need.

Have the Veneers Fixed by an Expert

Veneer fixing is a crucial process that requires expertise. The process involves removing some portion of your enamel which must be done precisely. Also, the veneers are custom-made, and a qualified dentist can perfectly get your teeth’ expressions and produce shells that perfectly match your natural teeth. The bonding also must be done correctly to deliver natural results and minimize the chances of complications. It is important to choose an expert you can trust and go back to for a follow-up appointment.

Protect Your Veneers

Getting veneers does not take the place of regular dental care. It would help if you continued brushing and flossing your teeth as usual or as advised by your dentist. The good thing about veneers is that they do not require special attention. However, understand that veneers can be broken, and you must protect them against grinding. You can ask your doctor about using a guard at night if you grind your teeth to safeguard your new smile. Also, you will need to avoid biting hard foods like nuts and hard biscuits.

Go Back for Replacement

Veneers deliver natural results you can enjoy for up to ten years with proper care. The appliances are made of materials that can degrade over time, and it is important to get replacements to avoid complications. Veneer replacements are often made after about 5-10 years. Maintaining regular dental visits will help your doctor tell you when the right time to replace your teeth comes.

Veneers could be what you need to overcome misaligned teeth. Get in touch with the Beaumont Cherry Valley Dental specialists to understand more about veneers. Make a call or ask for a consultation appointment online.