5 other useful ways a Social Media QR code is can be utilized

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With most online platforms today having the limit to add only one link in one’s profile bio, the emergence of a one compressed link for all links necessary has become a must-have tool for each social media user who wants to share multitudes of links from the products, online services, and platforms.

Because of the usage improvements, the social media users’ use of a social media QR code does not only apply to holding all their social media profile links in one scan.

And with these improvements, here are the following useful utilizations a social media QR code is can be utilized in other functions aside from connecting offline to online users to their social media platforms.

Useful Ways on how to successfully utilize the use of a social media QR code

As the link in bio tools are becoming a more prominent thing due to some of the social media platforms link addition in one’s user’s profile, the technology, and concept in utilizing these tools is also applied with the use of a social media QR code.

And with their integration to it, other uses aside from linking their social media profiles into the solution are imposed by other users. And to get a hint on how they do them, here are 5 other useful ways the social media QR code is can be integrated for personal and business.

Link all your online business landing pages

With the same use of the link in bio technology in the social media QR code, any user can strategically utilize the use of this QR code solution by simply linking its online business shop platforms into the code.

In this way, people who are planning to purchase the product or service you sell online will have an option where they can get it and ship it right to their doors. Whether it is on Etsy, Amazon, eBay, or more, the options in buying their products online are present with just a scan away.

Link to product recommendations

If you are a product reviewer and you love recommending the items you tested for your friends and family, then having a landing page for all these products is a must for your social media profile bio recommendations.

By creating one using a QR code generator with logo online, you can easily place the specialized product recommendation social media QR code for people to buy in your social media pages, videos, brochures and other spaces for people to scan and select the best product they need to use.

Use the social media QR code as a Workspace QR code

For corporate people who are using more than one workspace platform, a social media QR code can be swapped as a Workspace QR code where the employees can scan the code and select the corporate workspace platform link to work on.

Companies can embed the links to their Google Workspace links, Automation link, and other operations URLs into the QR code and have their employees get easy access to their QR code.

Online Messaging contact links

With one user utilizing different messaging platforms to all their friends, family, and customers, keeping track of your usernames in these various messaging apps is can be a tedious job for them.

Especially with companies catering support messaging to varied customers, the use of a social media QR code is great for placing all their contact links for various messaging platforms.

Add virtual conference registration links for the month

Online conference/workshop organizers can integrate the use of a social media QR code to embed all the virtual conferences registration links into the QR code and increase the number of participants in the online conferences that they are planning to implement.

By integrating all the varied conference registration dates into one code, people who are interested to join these events can choose which workshop/s should they participate in to improve the knowledge and skills they have.


As technology never limits itself to improve over the course of its usage, the QR code technology also never stops improving the functions it currently has up to date.

And with the social media QR code solution that an advanced QR code generator has, its use is not limited to sharing one user’s other social media profile links to other people.

As long as it allows you to add a link to it, other unconventional uses of the social media QR code is can be discovered and be fully integrated into their personal and business use.