5 Signs You Should Seek Teeth Whitening Services

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The health and appearance of your teeth are crucial. But there are occasions when even the most excellent dental care won’t make your smile shine. There are numerous potential causes of tooth discoloration or dullness, but knowing when to visit a dentist is essential. Several red flags point to the necessity for expert teeth whitening. If you are on the fence about whether or not you need teeth whitening Pomona, here are some of the symptoms that it is time to see a dentist:

1. Yellow teeth run in your family

It is not always coffee’s fault if your teeth have been yellowing for a while. Your natural ivory or off-white teeth are likely to have been passed down from a family member with a different hue. Teeth tend to yellow with age in many families, and some families have somewhat yellower teeth, to begin with. The likelihood that you have your family’s yellow teeth increases if most of your relatives share that trait. Your teeth will gradually yellow over time unless you take action.

2. Your teeth have become noticeably yellow over time

Everyone will undoubtedly experience some degree of tooth discoloration and staining. Some people ignore this step, yet a professional cleaning may give your teeth a new lease on life. Still, it takes regular brushing and avoiding sugary meals to keep your teeth pearly white. In addition, you could need more whitening therapy down the road.

3. You constantly consume coffee, wine, or soda

Coffee, tea, wine, and soda are well-known for their ability to discolor teeth in a short amount of time. Whether or not you can see it, the coffee you drink in the morning or the glass of red wine you have every night with supper will eventually discolor your teeth. Get a professional teeth whitening procedure to avoid later dealing with unsightly teeth.

4. Dark spots on the tooth surface

Consider getting your teeth whitened if they have dark spots. It may be done at home with a whitening kit or with professional goods and services at the dentist’s office. Some dentists endorse over-the-counter teeth whiteners because patients report positive results using them. However, if you have a susceptible mouth, you should talk to a dentist before putting any product on your teeth.

5. You are above the age of 35

One’s age may be nothing more than a number. However, as the number of years ticks up, your physical appearance inevitably changes. No part of you is immune to the effects of aging, and your teeth are no different. They may suffer the wear and tear of your lifestyle just like any other body part. Your tooth shade might change depending on how frequently and thoroughly you wash your teeth. Regular brushing won’t always keep your teeth from becoming yellow with age. Teeth discoloration is a natural consequence of aging, just as it is for the rest of your body. However, you may slow the aging process by engaging in several different pursuits. You may want to explore teeth whitening when reversing the signs of aging teeth.

Should you go ahead and whiten your teeth? Teeth whitening is an excellent remedy for many dental issues and may do wonders for your confidence and professional prospects. Even if you first didn’t think your problem was connected to your teeth. Grab life by the horns and smile so broadly you make others uncomfortable.