5 Tips to Eliminate Distractions in a Work From Home Setup

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Do you find yourself doing less work while at home and in a remote setup? These five tips can help you get back on track and become a productive employee while still enjoying the perks of WFH.

Keep Your Desk Tidy and Organized

A messy desk is known to have a negative effect on productivity. It makes total sense since you’d have to spend more time than usual looking for a document or equipment. As a rule of thumb, just keep the things you use on a daily basis on your desk, while the rest are put in drawers.

Declutter Once a Week

You probably won’t notice the clutter piling up on your desk and around its area until a month or two after. Don’t let the pile get too high or you tend to put it off until the last moment. Tackle the mess at least once a week and get rid of extra papers, things, and those you won’t be using.

Put Away Your Smartphone

Unless it’s a necessary part of your work, it’s best to eliminate the greatest distraction- your smartphone. Put it on silent or do not disturb, then work for an hour or two before taking a break. It’s not forbidden to relax every now and then and enjoy a game of online poker, but keep it to a minimum.

Refrain From Unnecessary Multitasking

Some people can multitask, working on two screens while watching TV. But this can lead to decreased focus and a huge drain of your mental energy. Save the watching and browsing for later when you’re off work.

Work in Short Bursts

Keep up your physical and mental energy by working in bursts, such as an hour or two then taking a 15-30 minute break.