7 Common Reasons To Consult Your Dental Hygienist

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Proper dental hygiene is crucial not only for aesthetics but also for overall health, particularly today, where everybody is so conscious of their looks. Poor dental hygiene could result in various dental and health issues, including periodontal disease, bone loss, infection, stroke, cardiovascular illness, and more. Fortunately, a dental hygienist can help. Temecula dental hygienist Dr. Phillip Chien and his staff do more than polish and scale your teeth. These experts are trained to help you avoid and address gum disease and offer dental advice appropriate for your specific oral hygiene. Continue reading to discover more reasons to consult your dental hygienist.

1.         Stop Bleeding Gums

Gums that bleed are frequently an indication of gum inflammation and may be an early indicator of gum disease. Your hygienist could eliminate hard plaque buildup from your gums and teeth and demonstrate the proper way to brush your teeth to prevent this from happening again.

2.         Brighten Your Smile

It is common knowledge that your teeth get discolored with time due to the beverages and foods you consume. Although numerous options exist, no toothpaste available is as efficient as a session with your hygienist.

3.         Address Teeth sensitivity

There are numerous causes for a drastic rise in tooth sensitivity, but your hygienist has the necessary skills to determine the underlying cause. Whether your teeth’s hypersensitivity results from gum recession or constant tooth erosion, a visit to the hygienist will dramatically alleviate the hypersensitivity and provide diet guidance and brushing instructions to maintain your teeth in the best possible health.

4.         Identify Warning Signs of Cancer

During your session with your hygienist, they will conduct a comprehensive exam of your mouth, including a screening for oral cancer. The great news is that most oral cancers are easily curable if detected early. Your hygienist can also advise you on how to lower your dental cancer risk factors, such as alcohol consumption and smoking.

5.         Avoid Foul Breath

Do you have terrible breath that brushing or rinsing your mouth does not seem to alleviate? Foul breath mainly results from pockets of germs underneath the gum line that only a trained hygienist can remove. Your dental hygienist will not only address your foul breath but also revive your self-confidence.

6.         Avoid Tooth Loss

Gum disease is one of the most prevalent causes of tooth loss in adults. Your hygienist will help you maintain healthy gums and prevent your teeth from being loose, uncomfortable, and infected.

7.         Offer Your Teeth a Comprehensive Cleaning

Despite the finest oral hygiene routine, a visit to the hygienist will be beneficial. Your hygienist can thoroughly clean your teeth, and access areas toothbrushes cannot reach. With significant expertise and the proper equipment, your specialist could also eliminate plaque and tartar from your teeth, leaving them significantly cleaner.

You should not overlook your oral health. Otherwise, you risk more severe concerns and complications later, including lost teeth, misalignment, and other medical concerns. Always schedule a consultation with a professional hygienist at least once every year. Dr. Phillip Chien will ensure that all your sessions are comfortable and as comprehensive as possible to identify any potential issues early on. Call the Sunshine Dental, Inc office or book an appointment online today to arrange a consultation.