AA-TOP: One-Stop Supplier for Your Chassis Rubber Parts

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AA-TOP is a professional company who specializes in chassis rubber parts with several high-tech production bases in China. It’s adept at producing engine mount, strut mount, control arm , control rod , bushing, timing belt, V-ribbed belt as well as cogged V-belt. Although it is a new-rise enterprise, it has accumulated experience in producing rubber parts for Japanese cars.

Adhering to the product philosophy that “quality is the life of the enterprise and product optimization is the goal of its development”, AA-TOP has made every effort to complete its product line and enhance its product quality. Before taking a closer look at AA-TOP, let’s first gain some knowledge about the automatic chassis, where AA-TOP puts their emphasis on.

Automatic chassis

Many people compare chassis to the skeleton of an automobile. The technology of chassis directly affects the safety, maneuverability, comfort, and economy of the automobile. The automobile chassis is composed of four parts: transmission system, driving system, steering system and braking system.

  1. Transmission system: clutch, transmission, main reducer, half-shaft, universal joint, transmission shaft.
  2. Driving system: frame, balance rod, axle, wheel, Yuanbao beam, shock absorber, sheep horn, arm and ternary catalysis.
  3. Steering system: steering axle and steering tie rod.
  4. Brake system: brake disc, brake pump and brake pad.

What AA-TOP provides

AA-TOP produces products almost include most of chassis rubber parts. Based on the above automatic chassis system, its products could be divided into five categories: engine mount, strut mount, control arm, control rod, bushing, covering more than 3000 items.

What AA-TOP provides

Engine mount: a part between the engine and the frame that holds the engine in your car. In most cars, an engine and transmission are bolted together and held in place by three or four mounts. It is a wearing part with a design life of generally 6 to 80000 km. To further dampen the vibration, some engine mounts are filled with liquid.

Strut mount: the last shock absorber. When the spring works it helps to reduce the impact force. When the spring is pressed to the end, we might feel a strong impact from the wheel. If the upper strut mount is good, the impact sound is “bang” and if the strut top mount fails, the impact sound is “dang”.

Control arm: controls the movement of the wheels so that they go in the same direction as the car’s body. The shock on the road holds everything up , which can be absorbed by the control arm; it moves up and down so that the car can run. When you hit a mass, the control arm compresses the weight and pushes it down. It makes the bottom of your tire in place.

Control rod: The adjustable control rod in the automobile chassis will raise the wheels that are pressed down, and the wheels that are raised are pushed down to achieve balance. It provides an additional lift or downward pressure to the tires on both sides during the turning process. It does not need a manual or mechanical adjusting mechanism but relies entirely on the reaction force of the torsional deformation of the machine itself to adjust.

Bushing: The automotive bushing can be divided into conventional rubber bushing as well as hydraulic rubber bushing. It belongs to the rubber parts of automobile chassis and is the hinge point between various parts of the automobile body. Its elastic characteristics and attenuation characteristics are superior. It can bear the load, isolate, attenuate vibration, reduce noise, and ensure the ride comfort, having an essential impact on the design of automobile suspension. 

How AA-TOP performs

All chassis rubber parts provided by AA-TOP play vital parts in a vehicle. That’s because AA-TOP improves product quality to the utmost, achieving by superior resources, advanced equipment as well as a professional talent team.

AA-TOP always adopts natural rubber from Thailand or Malaysia. With an advanced rubber mixing formula from Japan, its products contain 70% rubber. The steel plate is exclusively used for automobiles. All the products are produced in strict accordance with the OE standards.

In AA-TOP, automated and semi-automated facilities imported from Germany and Taiwan are checked and maintained regularly by certain personnel for the sake of safe operation, laying a strong foundation for top-of-the-line products!

Apart from the above, AA-TOP strictly carries out production and quality management within the framework of ISO9001 and IATF16949, following the international advanced management model. It is in full conviction that fully high quality stems from scientific and effective management.


All these speak for a high level of AA-TOP’s suspension parts. – AA-TOP is striving to be your reliable one-stop manufacturer for all the extreme-quality chassis rubber parts. Anything needed in an automatic chassis is available here.