Add Email Validation Feature to WordPress

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DeBounce’s email validation tool is already useful in its own right, but when you use its WordPress email validation plugin you get a slew of other benefits.

DeBounce Email Verification WordPress Plugin

A WordPress plugin exists to work inside the WordPress platform. It doesn’t require an external install or app usage, which makes it a convenient API for those who want to work exclusively in WordPress.

The email verification plugin from DeBounce works the same way. This allows you to continue working in WordPress without having to call up a web browser, eliminating a few steps along the way.

The email verification plugin is lightweight and very easy to use. It’s one of the best and most-used plugins for marketers who want a clean email list before they start their marketing campaign.

Why Add Email Validation to WordPress Forms?

When working with an email list it’s all about quality and purity. You’ll want to protect your reputation by eliminating email addresses that are invalid and send your email straight to spam, among others.

The bottom line is that the more reputable your list the lower the chances of email providers tagging your email as spam. This ensures you get a chance to communicate with your target audience and engage them via email.

With DeBounce’s tool you can stop dead emails in its tracks by integrating the email validation tool to your WordPress registration forms. The good thing about the plugin is that it also works with most form builders out there.

Why DeBounce WordPress Plugin is the Best Email Validator

DeBounce is known for its numerous sources for checking whether an email address is valid or not. The company works round the clock and updates its database to ensure its customers’ email lists are clean and perfectly usable.

DeBounce utilizes a multi-layer process that consists of greylisting detection, SMTP connection and availability, catch-all testing, mailbox existence checks, temporary unavailable detection, disposable email address detection and more. The plugin works in WP forms, Caldera, Contact Form 7, Formidable, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms and WooCommerce.

There’s also the fact that DeBounce’s plugin is very easy to use. Just install the plugin (which won’t take more than a minute) and enable it to start checking emails. Integration is seamless, and it won’t interfere with your workflows.

DeBounce can also enrich data and give you more details on who’s behind the email address. This works on every marketing facet and funnel so you’ll have more content to base your marketing campaign on.

Install the DeBounce WordPress Email Validation Plugin and Get Started

DeBounce WordPress email validation tool is available to install and is constantly updated. It already has more than a thousand installs and works with the latest WordPress version.

The API works as soon as it’s activated. From there, you won’t have an invalid email in your database ever again. What’s great is that the plugin works on all contact and registration forms, which means cleaning email lists will be less hassle.

Try the DeBounce email validation plugin today.