As Of 2020, is there a Clear Cure for Parkinson’s Disease?

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The Parkinson’s disease is degenerative disorder due to unstable nerve system that leads to uncontrollable, unstable, and stiffness. The situation started after nerve system in human body has problem to stabilize with the brain coordination. It starts with tremor in one hand and spread to other parts such as muscle. The condition also occurs due to low the hormone of dopamine is low that is not enough to support. Notable persons who have this disease are boxer Muhammad Ali and “Back to the Future” actor Michael J. Fox.

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The Latest Cure for Parkinson’s Disease

Most of patients can have normal life as long as following the right protocol. Physical exercise and cognitive enhancement will increase lifestyle. Some traditional medications are useful to soothe condition. Family and friends must be supportive for maintaining patient’s mood to be positive and active.

Unfortunately up to this year 2020, there is no bright light for finding the cure. The condition seems impossible to be curable due to nerve system is the most sensitive and fragile one in human body. Once crumble or fall apart, there is no going back into normal state. Until now, the only way is to ensure he patient can live longer with the healthiest lifestyle.

Understanding Parkinson’s Disease

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This disease has several symptoms such as tremor, muscular stiffness, sleep issue, cognitive disability, difficult to speak, lack of coordination and balance, urinary issue, and anxiety. From those signs, you can see that situation is various in each patient but condition can go worse. The disease requires medical treatment and therapy in order to stabilize nerve system. With proper therapy, patient may start normal life but not at the fullest.

The patient will receive long-term medication because nerve system has small possibility to be in the normal state. Furthermore, person with this disease will have issue regarding mental and emotional. Anxiety and depression alongside sleep issue and insomnia are capable to make condition worse.

Until now, research and scientist try hard to overcome two basic problems related to Parkinson’s disease. Firstly, treatment is still under development to obtain the most effective and efficient one. On the other side, the cure is still long way due to the second problem is not yet resolved. Treatment is just temporary to ensure patient does not have significant degenerative in the future. However, situation will go worse when the patient is old and lack of immune system. Secondly, scientists try to find the core course of this disease. The latest information indicates people with parent or family have this disease will have high probability to be the one who has it. Another is the link of boxing and Parkinson ’s disease. It seems that repeated punching to the head will make it higher risk to have this disease. This is why family and fans of boxer Manny Pacquiao repeatedly asking him to retire for good.

Parkinson’s Disease Treatment

The treatment for this disease consists of several stages. Keep in mind that doctors will recommend patient not to do high-risk activity such as driving. If he or she insists, companion is assigned to supervise and monitor. When the situation becomes vulnerable and dangerous, the patient must go into rehabilitation and isolation. Based on the latest information, the Parkinson’s disease is cause of other conditions such as Alzheimer and acute blindness. The following list shows some treatments that patents will receive.

  • Dopamine promoter
  • Antidepressant
  • Cognitive enhancement
  • Anti-tremor