Best Apps to Promote Work-Life Balance

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These days it’s all about balance and finding a good equilibrium towards work and relaxation. Technology, specifically apps, can help you in this regard. Whether you’re out during the weekends or staying at your One Sophia unit, try these apps for optimal work-life balance.

Apple Music or Spotify

Apple Music and Spotify aren’t just for streaming music- they have a wide variety of content that ranges from podcasts, to audiobooks and sounds that promote health and well-being. These services have evolved to cater to everyone, so it makes sense to subscribe if you want to have an improved work-life balance. Consider listening to music in the background or a podcast to help you achieve more in less time.

Apple Fitness

Apple Fitness eliminates the excuse to not exercise even if you’re staying in a condo or working from home. Indoors, you’ll be able to do as much with the help of a professional instructor. With the many types and disciplines in the library, you’ll be sure to discover one you like and immediately gain the benefits of improved fitness. A smartwatch that can display pertinent health data will be immensely useful as well.


YouTube is a treasure trove of content, including videos and advice from professionals on how to improve your work-life balance. The app will have thousands of videos you can watch and learn about how to apply the practices in your daily life. If you prefer to read, you can browse through websites and follow leaders so you can get the feed straight to your device.

Apple Maps or Google Maps

A navigational app will help you discover nearby places you can visit or finetune your hobby. Whether you’re driving or simply walking, Apple Maps or Google Maps can point you in the right direction.