Best Sports Streaming Sites

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The most popular sports streaming subscriptions usually cost money, but there are a few sites that offer them 100% free.

Check out these four free sports streaming websites for 2020.


먹튀 is a South Korean sports broadcasting website that offers your favorite sports games in streaming format. For those who can’t read Korean, simply right-click then choose ‘Translate to English’ so you can navigate to where you need to go. Some of the league games supported by MT Police include NFL, NBA and the Premier League.

. Facebook Watch

Facebook has evolved from being a social media network to an entertainment platform that has games, videos and more. It has surfing, women’s basketball, soccer and unofficial streams on just about any sport there is. In addition, Facebook users can set up their own channels and stream live video of themselves extolling their favorite team or sport.

To get started, click on ‘Search Videos’ then enter ‘Sports’ and choose from the available streams and channels.

. SportRAR.TV

A free sports streaming site that’s supported by ads. SportRAR has a clean and easy to navigate interface that will have you zooming around and finding your favorite games in minutes. All major sports, including golf, tennis, hockey, basketball, baseball and football are featured here.

Clicking on the game you want to watch will make a new pop-up window appear. You can also choose from several links if they’re possible. Then, sit back, relax and enjoy your game!

. Reddit

Reddit has some interesting sub-sections that feature professional sports. What’s great about the platform is that it’s conducive for discussions and debates that make fan participation more immersive.

Keep in mind that Reddit itself doesn’t store the streams, but the users may provide links to external sources and collate them in a single post. Don’t just click on random links though- make sure they’re secure and verified safe to visit.