BPO Philippines

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Before making any business decision, it is important to fully understand the foundation and the reasons beforehand. Business process outsourcing (BPO) to the Philippines is a great option and enhancement for a growing organization when done properly. Let’s take a deep dive today and see if it is the key to your business’ future.

There are three categories of business processes, and they are managing, operating, and supporting. Each serves a different purpose and is important to your business. When looking at BPO, we are typically talking about supporting internal or external business functions. 

These processes include data management, finance and accounting, human resources, sales and marketing, and contact center support. All of these processes are ideal to be outsourced. 

Technology has revolutionized communication, and we have never been so connected with one another. For businesses, this has allowed us to connect, collaborate, and exchange on a level never seen before. 

There are many driving factors that can lead you to outsource some of your business processes. Let’s start from the beginning and examine several reasons why a business would choose to outsource one or more of its business functions. 

1. Lowering costs. Outsourcing a business function offshore allows you to take advantage of lower labor costs without sacrificing quality. In the case of the Philippines, a worldwide leader in BPO, their workers are paid extremely well in the local sense, while on international standards, the company saves on wage costs. On the operational side, not being in charge of the overhead costs associated with keeping these businesses in-house is also a huge financial benefit. 

2. Wisdom of the crowd. A more diversified workforce, in terms of knowledge and experience, helps your business get better. Quality is the name of the game here and limiting yourself to local talent pools can be a hindrance. Bringing in experts from other parts of the world raises the knowledge and experience of your company.

3. Focus. By leaning on offshore outsourcing providers to help you with these processes, your management can focus your company’s priorities. This is another huge advantage to working with a BPO firm in the Philippines. Some of these companies have more than 20 years of outsourcing experience, and you don’t get to be the best in the world without having some excellent management in place. When you partner with a high-end firm such as PITON-Global in Manila, you can trust that they will get the job done.

4. Outsourcing opens up the pathway to new ideas. If your BPO firm makes a recommendation to one process that you like, it may fit with other processes. This comes back to the idea of shared knowledge and helping you take a look at your processes in a more critical fashion.

5. Focus on core business. As your organization grows and changes you will have to have internal meetings and discussions to identify what your core business processes are so that you can focus on them. The ones that don’t make the cut, well, you don’t want them to fall through the cracks. Outsource them so that you know that they are in good hands while internally, you focus on the processes you have determined are key.

6. Gain access to new markets. BPO to new markets such as the Philippines is a great way to get firsthand knowledge of how business is done and what markets are like around the world. You get inside access, which in turn creates an opportunity for your growing business to grow some more.

The reasons to outsource BPO services to the Philippines are aplenty, but they can be boiled down into a few quick points. You can reduce costs, focus on your company’s core competencies, improve your quality, and lastly, you can open up to potential new markets.

Selecting who to work with is also very important here. You need to identify which processes you will be outsourcing and then find a good match for your business. There’s no shortage of BPO providers that are specializing in certain industry verticals. If you are looking to check off all of the “boxes” above, then BPO Philippines is your solution. They provide you with the best quality at the most reduced costs and they bring the best experience and knowledge to the table. A partnership with a BPO firm in the Philippines is a giant step for your company’s future.