Can I Do Coffee Art at Home?

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You have probably taken coffee with beautiful latte art from your favorite coffee shop. Have you been dreaming of making this in the comfort of your home? 

Latte art is not exclusively in the domain of the finest coffee shop with a skilled barista. 

Surprisingly, your dream of latte art-making is within your reach!

Whether you want to impress your guest, fill your Instagram feed, or want to enjoy your coffee with the latte art, you can do that with, of course, a little practice.

With the right tools, practice, and patience, you can create a picturesque latte design right in your kitchen.

Defining Latte Art

But first, what is latte art?

Latte art, also known as coffee art, is a decorative design on top of an espresso drink such as latte or cappuccino by pouring steamed milk with microfoam.

Tools You Need:

The excellent latte art is just a pour away with the proper tools.

Coffee Machine

Having an espresso machine at home makes latte art easier because there is built-in steaming milk on the side. However, a coffee maker will do if you do not have one. While for the steamed milk, you can get the same result with a frother or French press

Coffee Mug

Your cup is preferably wide, giving you a heap of space to make art. A shallow cup is recommendable for a better layer of cream for a beginner.

Milk Pitcher

The milk pitcher should be thin and pitched spout, allowing higher control of pour. 


Consist of whole milk or your choice of milk and coffee beans to make espresso.

Start the Latte Art

When all the things are ready, let’s begin the step of making the latte art in your home.

Start With Espresso

Start with making an espresso shot with a finer layer of cream in your mug. If you are using a French press, add coffee more than usual as an espresso.

Prepare the Milk

Whole milk is advisable to create a thick and creamier result, but you can choose your milk to your preference. For just a cup of coffee, three ounces of milk is perfect.

Milk Frothing

For the espresso machine, put the milk pitcher in the steaming wand. Heat the milk between 140-160 degrees. 

The wand should be in the middle, but the pitcher should lean partially and not create screeching sounds. Notice that the whirlpool takes down the large bubbles and gradually turns them into smooth, silk, and rich milk.

While in the milk frother or French press, pump the milk until it foams. Don’t forget to heat it in the microwave before putting the milk in the french press.

Make an Art

Start with a basic heart shape.

First, tilt the mug toward you when pouring the milk. Pour it gradually for about 80 percent of the steamed milk.

Next, place the pitcher at the edge of the cup and shake it quickly, making a round shape.

Then, after the round shape, stroke the pitcher in a straight line across the cup, forming a heart. And that’s how you make the heart design.

Wrap Up

There are many patterns of latte art design. In today’s world, watching tutorials will be a huge help. You might want to try looking in the Drinkripples marketing platform for more coffee art ideas.

 Learning latte art at home takes a bit of patience and more practice. But once you master it, it is a whole new experience.

Take note that the best cup of coffee is not just how it looks but how good the taste is.