Can we add graphics card to HP laptop?

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There are a lot of HP laptops hitting the market these days, not only are they high end laptops, they are also quite reliable and customer friendly. You could get a HP laptop from the most expensive to even the most budget friendly. With HP laptops, like all other laptops, there is a graphics card in it that is responsible for all the necessary image processing we need to have a display. There are so many models to choose from when it comes to HP laptops and they all do well to follow their specifications perfectly.

Can we add graphics card to HP laptop?  Most laptops including the HP laptop, have their GPU permanently placed on the motherboard, so there’s usually no way to replace it or add in a new graphics card internally. But you could add an external graphics card with the use of PCIe slots or a thunderbolt connection and an eGPU dock. In essence, adding a graphics card inside your laptop is probably out of the question because the GPU is soldered in the motherboard, but you can definitely add an external gpu that is sure to be of help to you and your laptop’s performance.

The need to add a graphics card in your laptop, often stems from the need to upgrade your laptop in general, and while an additional graphics card is the way to go, there are only a few ways you could make that a possibility. Adding one into the very laptop itself isn’t plausible, removing the graphics card in your laptop will take a whole lot of skill set that might be stressful to anyone, especially if you don’t want to damage the internal hardware, replacing the gpu in your laptop is close to impossible because the one already there has been permanently placed.

If you want an upgrade to your laptop, there are several things you have to consider before you take the next step. You don’t want to poke around the insides because that could lead to unforeseen and unnecessary damages , not all components can be changed out, a likely example is the graphics card. In most cases the processor can’t be upgraded and even if it is, there’s  a lot of things that goes into it. Using an external graphics card on the other hand isn’t as mind boggling as it may seem, and it provides a way to add an external graphics card to your laptop without causing any damages whatsoever. The external graphics card is a sure way to improve your laptops performance, whether it is in gaming or rendering of videos. The additional eGPU is the only way to add an external graphics card to your laptop and its your safest bet as well.

Upgrade Your HP Laptop Graphics Card

Changing or adding a graphics card to your laptop isn’t quite possible because the GPU is soldered into the motherboard like the CPU is ,so you can’t really change it.  But you could still upgrade your graphics card if you want to.

When you think of upgrading your graphics card and all its gaming qualities, your mind could easily revert to buying a completely new laptop or switching out your old graphics card, and while you can buy a new laptop, you can’t really change the graphics card in your laptop.

You can however add an external unit that could be connected to your device through a USB port and even with a thunderbolt port these days, this external unit essentially provides you with the upgraded gpu qualities you were looking for and in most cases, it’s not even hard to connect the external unit. With the external unit, you get to play the best games and you get to edit your videos at an even faster past.

Using the external unit or additional connected graphics card allows you to attain certain merits you couldn’t have before, with it, you could get the best graphics outlut that even allows you connect a second display that adds more value to your laptop screen.

Overclocking Your Graphics Card

If an adding a graphics card to your laptop isn’t quite possible, there are still other options you could consider to boost the performance of your GPU.  While overclocking is one of those options, there are a few little steps you could take first before opting for a measure as drastic as this.

There are various options such as cleaning the physical components of your laptop and ridding it of dirt and dust that are harmful to its performance.

You could just as well upgrade the operating system as well and see if that changes anything.

Overclocking is essentially a way of pushing your graphics card to a greater limit by increasing the voltage and clock frequency of your GPU ,when you decide to overclocking kids you would need a hardware monitor that would basically serve as a way of tracking the stability of your system.

With overclocking, you don’t want to stretch the limit or overdo it because that might lead to your computer overheating and that in turn might cause a lot of issues and damages.

Advantages Of An External Graphics Card

Using an external GPU provides powerful graphics without the stress of replacing your entire laptop or trying to poke around five internal components of your HP laptop.

It provides you with high performance and you could also get to play games that you usually wouldn’t have been able to play without it, you could also run some high intensity apps with the help of the the eGPU.

It could also save you a lot of money, instead of changing your entire laptop or damaging your internal hardware in an attempt to add a new graphics card, you could easily buy an external gpu.

For everything to work smoothly, you would have to make sure the graphics card and eGPU dock or whatever you need to add in an external unit, you need to make sure they are all compatible with your HP laptop.

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