Can You Avoid Car Accidents?

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There are thousands of car accidents in the US every year, including many fatal accidents. While a car crash does not look very severe, the reality is that it can cause severe injuries and leave the person with a temporary or permanent disability, affecting the quality of life. Additionally, the injuries can also cause the victim to miss work, which can take a financial toll on the victim and dependants in the family.

Fortunately, if you believe the car accident happened due to someone else’s negligence, you can file a car accident claim with the assistance of the DEMAND RAND legal team.

While car accidents happen unannounced and are unpredictable, you can take some measures to avoid them. Here are a few safety measures you can follow.

1. Strictly follow the traffic rules.

A traffic violation is a crime. You can land in jail or get hefty penalties for traffic violations. Moreover, your license can also be suspended due to a traffic violation. Besides, these traffic rules are set by law enforcement to protect people on the road. Therefore, you should follow the traffic rules strictly.

2. Avoid texting and driving.

Texting anddriving can distract you from driving. When you text someone while driving, your focus may be diverted more towards your phone, causing a severe accident. If possible, put your phone on do not disturb mode. If the text is important, pull over to respond.

3. Avoid fatigue driving.

If you are tired, running low on sleep, and fatigued, you should avoid driving. Fatigued drivers are one of the primary reasons for car crashes. Fatigued driving can make you lose focus on the road, causing accidents. Therefore, you should get sufficient rest before driving, especially when you want to go on a long journey.

4. Do not drive if you have consumed prescription medications.

Certain medications contain sedatives that can make the driver drowsy. If you are using any medications, you should carefully read the label. Many medicines already have instructions to alert the patient. Therefore, ensure you have someone else to drive if you are taking prescription medications.

5. Never forget to wear a seatbelt!

Wearing a seatbelt is mandatory according to US law, even if you are a passenger on the seat. Seatbelts are meant to protect you during accidents. Therefore, ensure you wear a seatbelt and ask the passengers in your car to wear a seatbelt. Not wearing it can also lead to fines.