Choosing Office Screens for a Rented Space

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Decorating and making changes to the office is the freedom all businesses want, but in a rented space you won’t have as much freedom as if you were to own the building. Similarly, to when you rent a house VS owning your own property, you have limitations on what you’re able to change and renovations that can be signed off.

The type of design you envision for the space is based on the type of business you are and how your employees work best. When looking at the rented space, you should also consult the owner and confirm what you can and can’t do. In most eventualities, you won’t be able to make any permanent changes, such as building walls and adding new rooms.

However, this shouldn’t deter you from making the space yours and turning the space into a functional working environment. Small changes that you can make without any consent is the furniture and desks, you’ll have free reign on how you wish to furnish the open space. Painting the space can make a massive difference to the atmosphere and tie together the branding and finishing touches. If you do change the wall colours, it’s possible you’ll need to revert the colours back to the original when moving out.

Larger changes such as individual offices and private work spaces are possible without having to build walls or make irreversible decisions. There are easier and more cost effective ways to make your office space a reality. Acoustic and freestanding office screens become part of the office design as well as being functional. A collection of office partitions have the ability to create office pods, privacy pods and can be tailored to meet your requirements.

The benefits that come along with acoustic office partitions is not just the finished product but the fact they can be moved and dismantled. Whether you’ve decided the pod isn’t needed or you’re moving premises, the pod or workspace can be taken with you. It’s not just a purchase for one office, it’s an investment piece of office furniture that has the potential to work in alternate spaces and venues.