Coinovy Collaborated with Visa and Apple Pay to Provide you the Ease of Payment Mode

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Great news for all users, as Coinovy has collaborated with Visa to give you a more seamless payment experience. After a few months of continuous research and development efforts, Apple Pay will also be compatible and easily linked to Coinovy’s Virtual Debit Card powered by Visa. Coinovy gives an option for customers to pick plastic or virtual card, or both. In, Visa has started accepting payments in the USD Coin cryptocurrency and further, also aims to facilitate the emergence of the future of new digital central bank currencies. Visa allows using the USD Coin to transact on their payment network, which is now the latest evidence of the mainstream financial industry’s growing embrace of digital currencies. Visa aims to be a network of networks that can create and end new payment flows outside of card rails. Over the past few years, we have pushed these new flows with solutions like B2B Connect, Visa Direct, Push to Pay – and digital currencies, of course.

The Coinovy Visa Debit Card will allow customers to acquire a plastic, virtual, or both card upon request. A virtual card can be acquired without any charges once you have acquired a plastic version of Coinovy’s Debit Card. Having a virtual Visa card has the advantage of eliminating the need of carrying many cards together, instead, it’s accessible right through your phone and promotes contactless shopping activities. The Coinovy Debit Card is secure and especially intended for any purchases, online or offline, at any Visa-enabled Merchants. Another added feature of having a plastic card is the ability to withdraw from Visa-enabled ATMs globally. The Coinovy Debit Card also allows the purchase of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and it also offers a cashback service that can be converted and spent immediately. Applying for a virtual Visa card will only take around 20 minutes, which is quite a fast request to deliverance time, and you can start using it immediately with a cap of €10,000 per month.

While many cryptocurrency investors acquire Bitcoin, Ethereum, and even Dogecoin for a long-term investment, there are also a number of holders that are interested in buying real-world items using their digital tokens. That is about to get much easier, with Apple Pay is integrated into Coinovy’s Debit Card. For trouble-free purchasing, you may either deposit from the wallet or log in to your Apple Pay. As a user, you may question the advantages that apple pay will provide. Well, Apple Pay offers numerous advantages and highlights for users, one of them being the ability to extend its Crypto Card Reach globally, with Visa as the world’s top issuer of electronic payment cards.