Comparison of iPhone Application Development on Mac vs Windows

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The debate between Mac and Windows has been going-on since Windows PC became compatible with developing  iPhone apps. The iOS app development was primarily possible only in macOS, but down the line, few options allowed iOS app development in Windows PC. Here, in this blog, we will be comparing the iOS app development in macOS vsWindows PC.

Why should you go for iPhone application development?

The providers of iPhone application development services are quite vocal about the troubles of finding a target audience, be it any app. However, iPhone application development opens doors to global clientele as macOS has garnered many accolades due to its performance and thus is expensive.

There is a bit of truth to this as if you are willing to put cash down on an iMac, Mac Pro, or iMac Pro, then going for software would be relatively light on the pocket. Along with that comes the fact that your software is more than a social network app. It would fall into the category of professional application for building or creating something.

Requirements of Developing iPhone app:

The iPhone app development via macOS requires a MacBook running the latest version of mac-OS, Xcode — IDE (the integrated development environment) for mac-OS, and an active Apple Developer account.

In case, going for a Windows PC to develop  an iPhone app, you would need: running the latest Windows computer or Linux (not tested) along with an iOS device (iPhone or iPad). It will also require VMWare or VirtualBox, USB 2.0, not 3.0, an apple developer account, and Xcode 10.1 (no other versions).

iPhone Application Development on Mac vs Windows PC:

The application development of iPhones has always been stressful for developers. The reason could be the expenditure or a stringent quality review process. The latter remains a problem for many, but the radical development in technology has come up with a solution, developing iPhone applications on Windows PC. Now, the developers have two very feasible options in hand. Thus, which one is better on what grounds, let’s dig deeper to find out.

Economical choice

iPhone application development in macOS could be a little heavier on pocket as everyone in the team should have a MacBook. However, Windows PC comes with a smaller budget and fit for those who are running tight on budget.

VMWare/VirtualBox or MacOS-better?

The latest version of macOS has surprisingly deteriorated the performance of the system. Probably, the reason could be the newer graphic drivers. They aren’t 100% compatible with the VM software. Whereas, VMWare or VirtualBox used for Windows PC is relatively faster than the latest version of macOS. The best version of VMWare Player 15 along with High Sierra 10.13.

Another major difference is the way documents and the file system. macOS comprises complex document handling, and if your app is set up with sandboxing, then the user may have changed access to the actual file system.


The comparison mentioned above between the macOS and Windows PC must have painted a clearer picture. However, for more complex coding solutions, macOS is suggested as Windows PC has its drawback. The impending days in the industry will bring some better, easier and cost efficient method of iPhone application development.