Does PRINCE2 increase salary?

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PRINCE2 is a project management certification that many people belonging to different fields and career lines desire. With a PRINCE2 Certification training in Pune your career can reach new heights. A PRINCE2 certified candidate has an edge over the non-certified candidate while applying for the sane jobs. With the PRINCE2 Certification, you get better job opportunities. A lot of people apply for a PRINCE2 programme to earn more money. Yes, with this certification, you become a more qualified employee and hence, there can be an increase in your salary.

What is the PRINCE2 Certification programme?

PRINCE2 is a structured project management certification training programme. PRINCE2 is accepted in several countries and is available in many languages. PRINCE2 is a U based certification programme which divides projects in two stages. These two stages are the manageable and controllable stages of a project.

The PRINCE2 programme has seven important principles. These principles cannot be altered and should be followed by all the projects under the PRINCE2 programme. These principles are:

1. Continued business justification:

This principle states that a business case is one of the most important aspects of project management. The business case should be timely updated at every stage. If a business case fails to be updated it might lead to an early termination.

2. Learn from experience:

Under the PRINCE2 programme, every project has to maintain a lessons log. These logs are specific for each project and a project should refer to its own, previous and present lesson logs.

3. Defined roles and responsibilities:

In the PRINCE2 programme roles are structured in four levels. These roles are

  1. Programme management
  2. Project board
  3. Project manager level
  4. Team levels

The project management team comprises the above three role levels. All the primary stakeholders such as business, user, and suppliers need to be present. In this programme individuals can take multiple roles or share a role.

4. Manage by stages:

A project is managed on a stage by stage level in the PRINCE2 programme. From the initiation of the project, planning, managing to completion, every level is controlled on a stage by stage basis. Going on from one stage to another requires updating the business case, risk management and a detailed planning of the next stage.

5. Manage by exception:

Under the PRINCE2 programme, every project is pre planned that is the time, budget and other aspects of a project are set beforehand. These are called the defined tolerance of that project. If a project exceeds its tolerance, say it takes more time than estimated, then it is passed on to the next management level to decide how to proceed further.

6. Focus on products:

The PRINCE2 programme main focus is the delivery and definition of products.

7. Tailor to suit project environment:

A PRINCE2 programme, is tailored according to the environment, complexity, size, labour of a project. Tailoring is the first step in the initiation of any project.

Will the PRINCE2 Certification programme increase your salary?

Yes, the PRINCE2 Certification is an esteemed programme demanded by all the top companies and firms. The PRINCE2 programme builds your skills and develops more potential. This makes you more efficient and suited for better job opportunities. In the project management field or related fields, a PRINCE2 Certification is desired by all the top companies. If you want to reach new heights in your career and get better job opportunities which ultimately will lead to higher payroll then a PRINCE2 Certification will be a wise choice.

Benefits of a PRINCE2 Certification

We have mentioned above, how a PRINCE2 Certification can take your career to new and successful heights. This programme provides several benefits to your career, including higher salary.

  1. Better job opportunities:

A PRINCE2 Certification gives you better job opportunities. All the top companies and leading firms demand their employees be PRINCE2 certified. With this certification you can apply for better jobs with higher pay and good opportunities. These companies prefer candidates with PRINCE2 Certification over the non certified candidates and hence, you will have the edge.

  1. Builds your skills

The training and course of the PRINCE2 programme focuses on building your overall skills. The PRINCE2 training programme involves seven principles which are the essence of any project management. Therefore, under this programme you are taught to manage a project from initiation to its completion in the given deadline. PRINCE2 training also focuses on building skills such as risk management, budget management, and leadership. After you are PRINCE2 Certified, you are qualified enough to lead a project and manage a team.

  1. Higher pay

Better job opportunities and more skilled employees get higher pay, it is true for any career. With PRINCE2 Certification, you can apply for a higher paid job. This certification acts as proof of your built skill, increased knowledge, and more efficiency in your job. You can lead projects and take up the role of project manager after getting a PRINCE2 Certification. A project manager is one of the highest paid employees among the team members. On an average, a PRINCE2 certified project manager earns upto 6-11 lakh per annum. Similarly, the salary of a senior project manager having a PRINCE2 Certification can be as high as 20 lakh per annum.

Qualifications needed to sit for a PRINCE2 Certification examination

To apply for the PRINCE2 examination a candidate must possess certain qualifications. The PRINCE2 examination is divided into three levels and each level has its own qualification requirement.

  1. PRINCE2 foundation

This will teach the basic principles involved in the PRINCE2 programme. After completing the foundation programme, you will be able to join a project management team as a working member and apply your studied knowledge to take the project to completion. PRINCE2 foundation is a prerequisite for the PRINCE2 practitioner level. The foundationlevel does not require any specific qualifications.

  1. PRINCE2 Practitioner

The PRINCE2 practitioner qualification will allow you to manage a project using the PRINCE2 methodology and principles. With this certification, you will be able to tackle problems and control other aspects of a project using the PRINCE2 principles. To sit for the practitioner level examination, a candidate must provide the proof of passing any one of these:

  • PRINCE2 foundation
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Certified Associate in Project Management
  • IPMA level A (certified project director)
  • IPMA level B (certified senior project manager)
  • IPMA level C (certified project manager)
  • IPMA level D (certified project management associate)
  1. PRINCE2 Agile

The PRINCE2 Agile training level teaches the candidate how to blend the structured principles and control of the PRINCE2 programme with agile methodology and apply it in the completion of a project. The qualifications needed for the PRINCE2 Agile is the same as that for the PRINCE2 practitioner level.