Entertaining Things You Can Do With A Smart TV

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A smart TV is a modern device that can do more than just display movies, news and TV shows with TV aerial installation to maximize the experience. Most smart TV owners would be surprised that their entertainment systems can do these 3 mind-blowing things!

Cast Your Computer or Smartphone Screen

Sharing a moment, be it childhood photos or a video of your most recent adventure isn’t really sharing unless you put it on a big screen. Your guests won’t have to crane their necks on your smartphone and it will have a grander effect.

To cast, all you need to do is to activate your smartphone’s casting feature and choose your smart TV as the recipient. Some TVs may require an app or a dongle but most will have it built right in.

Aside from being able to show photos your TV can also duplicate your mobile phone’s screen for gaming, video call and even checking emails, among others.

Use Your TV as a Music Player

Newer TV models can now act as music players and speakers, especially when you pair them with a smart assistant such as Amazon Echo and a quality soundbar system.

This works the same as with casting- open the app in your TV’s ecosystem or connect via smartphone, then press play. Depending on the settings the TV will either dim or start displaying wallpapers and background pictures to complement the music.

Play Games Without a Console

Cloud-based gaming services are now a thing, thanks to high speed internet. Some companies now offer games without the need to invest in expensive hardware, and there are several ways on how you can get this done.

If your TV has Android built right in, you can access Google Play and all its offerings. To control the action you just need to connect a Bluetooth controller or gamepad, and voila! problem solved.