Five Major Causes of Abdominal Pain That You Should Know

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When any part of the body is aching, your whole body feels sick and unable to function fully. A stomachache is as severe as a headache or any other ache. When you experience discomfort, the best way is to seek medical attention to know the cause of your problem. When you have abdominal pain, you may think your stomach has a problem, but on the contrary, it may be a different problem. If you have unending discomfort in the middle area of the body around the stomach, Katy abdominal pain specialist got you covered. Their experience in treating gastrointestinal tract discomfort makes them ideal for addressing your problem. Here are some causes of abdominal pain you must be aware of.


 This condition is also called stomach flu, which causes abdominal pain followed by vomiting, nausea, and loose stool. You will experience these symptoms immediately after eating. The condition occurs due to bacteria or viruses contamination and resolves after a few days. If these symptoms last longer, that might be a sign of other conditions, such as inflammatory bowel disease. You will also experience bloating and a feeling of having excess gas in your stomach. However, this is just a virus and not food poisoning.

Stomach Gas

You may have excess gas in your stomach when the bacteria break down food that the body finds incompatible. The excess pressure from the gas in the intestine makes you have sharp pain. Gas also makes you belch and even experience flatulence. Gas occurs due to the kind of food you consume that goes to the stomach and becomes intolerable.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

 People suffering from irritable bowel syndrome have a problem with their digestive system. They are unable to digest certain types of foods. These patients usually develop abdominal pain, which only goes away after the bowel moves. They may also experience bloating, cramping in the abdominal area, excess gas, and even nausea.

Acid Reflux

There are instances when the stomach acid travel backward to your throat hence making one have a burning sensation accompanied by pain. Excessive acid reflux leads to abdominal symptoms such as cramping and bloating. The acid causes heartburn, and you may have a condition known as GERD when it occurs frequently. Acid reflux occurs when the stomach valve falls and cannot protect stomach content from regurgitating.

Food Intolerance

Once you consume food, the stomach breaks them down through digestion. However, when the stomach cannot digest them, stomach bacteria break them down, producing gas in the process. When the quantity of food is high, more gas is produced, which causes pain in the abdominal area. You may have diarrhea or vomit in the process until the problem disappears. People with sensitive stomachs have a higher risk of food intolerance.

Abdominal pains are debilitating as they become severe to the extent that you cannot perform your routine duties. If you have this pain and the home remedy is not working, the best way is to visit your doctor. They will examine and diagnose your abdominal problem and formulate the ideal treatment plan. Do not take abdominal pain lightly, as it may be a result of a more serious condition.