Foot and Ankle Specialists and Their Benefits

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Your feet and other features of your legs are among the most used parts of your body. This is mainly because most activities we do require moving around. This makes the legs and feet constantly overworked and prone to injuries, accidents, and ailments. Most of these conditions are common, while others require more complex solutions. Some of these solutions may include Mission Viejo foot and ankle surgery. More about what foot and ankle specialists do is discussed below in detail.

Who are Foot and Ankle Specialists?

Medical professionals that deal with all issues involving the lower part of your legs or your ankles and feet are known as podiatrists. They can deal with new problems like injuries or ongoing illnesses like diabetes.

These physicians are doctors who do not attend standard medical school but have their fellowships and schools. They are well equipped to reset broken bones, perform surgery, order x-rays or lab tests, and prescribe medications. They work together with other doctors and medical professionals to deal with issues affecting your lower legs or feet.

Qualifications to become a podiatrist involve getting a degree in biology or a similar one. Podiatry school follows to learn about injuries and diseases involving your feet, how nerves, bones, and muscles work together for motion, while also learning to diagnose and treat feet conditions. Residency and certifications from relevant boards follow after.

Foot and Ankle conditions

Conditions of the ankle and foot may happen to people of all ages and include:

Hammertoes and Bunions

A bunion occurs when the bottom part of your big toe’s joint largens and moves from its place. The toe bends, facing the others. A hammertoe also represents a toe bending the wrong way.

Sprains and Fractures

These are typical injuries that may affect your ankle or foot. This especially happens a lot when dealing with athletes in sports medicine.


Insufficient insulin or inefficient use of it leads to a condition called diabetes. Insulin responsible for taking in sugar may cause problems in the nerves of your legs or feet, making it difficult for blood to get to the feet. A podiatrist may prevent complications from diabetes as their effects can be devastating.

Nails disorders

These conditions infect your nail due to an ingrown toenail or a fungus. An ingrown toenail grows facing the inside of your toe instead of outwards.

Morton’s neuroma

Burning and pain may be felt when nerves found in the fourth and third foot bones have issues. Tight shoes worsen while the physician can offer you shots for pain and swelling.


This causes swelling, pain, and inflammation in the joints. This can be solved by drugs, physical therapy, or special shoes.

Before treatment, a podiatrist performs a physical exam to identify the specific condition. Treatment may involve physical therapy, padding, orthotics, or surgery, depending on the severity of the situation.

Your foot or ankle problems need to be solved urgently as motion can be inhibited, making it impossible to conduct your daily duties. For any foot and ankle care inquiries, visit us online, or call our offices in Mission Viejo, CA.